How to turn the competition to help .

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Problems Of Infancy

One of the ways in which the child overcomes the jealousy of a younger brother or sister, is that it does not behave like a child and as an adult, as a "third parent".Of course, if the baby is it annoying, it will behave like a disgruntled parent.But if he feels comfortable and confident, it will behave like a good parent who teaches the baby how to do everything, give him toys, he wants to help in his bathing, feeding and dressing, comforting, when the baby cries, protects it from dangers.Even without the help of his parents, he is trying to get comfortable with parental duties.But parents can help him, if prompt than it can be useful, and will show how to appreciate his help.By the way, the twins mother told me that she was desperate for help and was struck by how much it helped.year-old daughter.Even a small child can bring a bath towel, diaper, or a bottle from the refrigerator.He can pretend that "looks" for the baby when the mother leaves.

kid almost always wants to hold the newborn and the mothe

r are usually afraid that he will drop it.But if a child is sitting on the floor (on a carpet or blanket), or in a deep armchair, or the middle of the parent's bed, there is not much risk, even if he did drop the baby.

So parents can help the child to translate hostile feeling in the willingness to help and genuine altruism.

usually particularly hard experiencing the emergence of a new member of a family's first child, because he used to be the center of attention and get all the parental love, not sharing it with anyone.The next child does not need to be torn between the desire to become the parent of a baby or when a new family member appears.He understands that remains one of the children he had always been.It seems to me that the first-born usually see themselves in the role of parents, explains their fascination with such occupations as a teacher, a social worker, a doctor, the essence of which - caring for others.Firstborn also become beautiful caring parents.