How to soothe a cough

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

This endless irritated cough, which stretches to the limit of your nerves or causes caregivers to send the child home from the garden, do not always have to stop.This annoying noise when cold can be the best friend.Secretions that collect in the lower respiratory tract include cough reflex to remove the contaminated product, such as a strong wind clears the road.No cough allocation would form a mucous plug, which would have closed access to the air and were a breeding ground for bacteria.Keeping in mind these facts, treat these special chest protector friendly.If the cough bothers the child, try the following.

Allocation must be liquid and in motion. To facilitate the child coughing mucus, use home remedies that we have described in the "How to release more liquid."

Tap the child on the back.It

so-called chest physiotherapy.Tapping on the child's back at least ten times on each side for about four

times a day can help separate the mucus from the respiratory tract and knock it out of them.If, dur

ing the examination, the doctor will determine the exact place in which the airways are blocked, it may instruct you to knock predominantly in the place which he marked with a cross.

Clean air. allergens or irritants present in the air, especially in the room where the baby sleeps, can cause chronic cough or exacerbate an existing cough, caused by an infection.Require strict adherence to the rule of "No smoking!", When in the home or in child car.(See. Also "How to clean the bedroom from the allergens».)

Choose the right remedy for cough. There are three types of funds cough: antitussives (suppressors that suppress the cough), expectorants, to which the result of the similarity join mucolytics, and a combination of the first to the second.This is a completely different tools for different types of cough, and improper use can complicate the situation.

Cough usually does not bother the baby during the day and, as a rule, only require the means indicated above.However, if the cough does not give the child to eat, sleep and play, give him drugs containing substances only coughs. If the cough is still prevents the child

throughout the day, try to mix with antitussive expectorant, observing the dosage indicated on the packaging or prescribed by a doctor.

At night, if the cough does not violate the child's sleep, just turn on the Vapo-polarizer (evaporator) and do not give any medicine.If the cough interferes with the child to sleep or wakes it up, try to give the same as the day: give a combination expectorant antitussive with half an hour before sleep and again after four to six hours, if the child wakes up with a cough.It is best to give the baby the day coughing and night to ensure a good sleep.Unlike decongestants combination with antihistamines, which have no scientific evidence of its effectiveness for infants, cough medicine, if you give them wisely and carefully, can help a child to sleep.

• Cough cough means stop by inhibiting reflex controlled located in the brain cough-tion center.The most widely used drug without a prescription is dekst-rometorfan, which can be identified by the suffix -DM, added to the sales name.If your doctor will not give you other instructions, buy cough syrup containing dextromethorphan alone, and no antihistamines or decongestants components (which can be identified by the suffixes - or amine - Drin).As the package insert is not specified dosage of dextromethorphan for children up to two years, give a safe dosage of 2.2 mg per 5 kg body weight.(For example, if your child weighs 10 kg, it needs 4.4 mg DM).The dose can be repeated after four or six hours if the baby constantly wakes up at night.In rare cases, the cough syrups containing dextromethorphan give side effects such as nausea, dizziness and drowsiness.The most effective means of suppressing cough, is a prescription codeine drugs that most doctors do not prescribe to children accidentally very reluctantly - he gives the side effects such as drowsiness and irritability.

• coughs and mukoliti-cal tools make it easy to cough, because liquefy mucus, making it easier to cough up.Indirectly, they can reduce cough due to mucus-thinning impact, but directly they do not stop coughing.They are safe, effective, and sometimes sold in pharmacies without a prescription, with the active substance-gu ayfenezinom or prescription - iodine-containing drugs.Usually they have no side effects.

• Mixtures.Some cough medicines, non-prescription or prescription, contains three ingredients: anti-edema and / or an anti-histamine, antitussive, and clears his throat.Except when the cough is caused by allergies, coughs do not need to give your child decongestant or anti-histamine drugs, because they can thicken the mucus, resulting in the mucous plug is difficult to knock cough.That's why you should always consult with your doctor before giving your child cough medicine, which you bought over the counter without a prescription, or that you have been given.