How to choose the pacifier and without the risk of using it

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

• Select a solid one-piece model, which does not fall apart into two parts and will not allow the child to choke.Also, find out whether it can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and make sure that it will be easy to clean.

• Check whether there is at the base of dummy vents.Do not take a pacifier with large round shields, which can close the child's nostrils when he draws a pacifier with vigorous sucking.

• One size does not fit all.In the first months after birth pacifier select smaller, shorter, designed specifically for babies.

• Pacifiers are available with different forms of the nipples.Some symmetrically round as bottle nipples.Another given a definite form, designed to replicate an elongated and flattened during feeding nipple.However, molded nipples are not always well lie in the mouth of the child, especially if the dummy turn over during suckling or if it is inserted upside down.Some manufacturers of pacifiers shout about the benefits of their particular ortho donticheskih pacifiers, but it is do

ubtful.Try different shapes and allow to choose fastidious mouth of the kid.

• Never tie a pacifier to lace or ribbon and wear on the neck of the child, and do not attach the lace from the pacifier to the child's clothing.This is the most suitable conditions for strangulation."But it always falls on the floor" - pozhaluetes you.Answer: keep one hand on the child, and the other on the pacifier.(Or Pin to child's clothes right ring pacifiers.) possible, children should not be left unattended as long as they have something in your mouth.Safety and good care go hand in hand.

• Never make yourself a dummy stuffed with wool from the nipple to the bottle.The child can draw a wool through the hole nipples.

• Resist the temptation to sweeten a pacifier dipped it in the honey or syrup.If the child has no teeth, it is too small for the honey or syrup.If he has teeth, he is too old for cariogenic sweets - and perhaps also for pacifiers.If it is necessary to force to suck a pacifier, resorting to sweeten, probably, he would have benefited other attractions - a change of scenery, get fresh air, play with you, stay in your arms;perhaps it needs little or ukachat reproach, and so on.

Our advice on pacifiers: only this nipple place in the child's mouth during the first weeks of life.If you have a child who really need dummy, then eat, do not overdo it and lose it as soon as possible.