The right touch : the art of Thai massage

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

This is one of the simple pleasures of life (adults have long enjoyed a massage), and studies show that children grow better and better behave when they get the right touch.Baby massage - this is skin to skin contact, which helps parents and child learn to better read the body language of each other - without uttering a single word.

Why massage?

Aside from the fact that it is simply a pleasure - touch her baby, baby massage helps babies grow better and develop.In other cultures touch is highly regarded as the children's growth stimulant.In some Eastern societies mother punished if it does not make your child a daily massage.One of the most fascinating areas of research - the relationship between touch and growth.Children, to which touch, growing by leaps and bounds, and here's why.

Fine Art swaddling

Tight swaddling the child creates the feeling that he is still in the womb.Although some children may settle for easy diapering "burrito" (when the baby is wrapped like filling in a pancake), most d

o not like the handle tightly pressed to the sides.Instead, wrap each handle to fold the diaper and handle the child on the chest, which is a more natural position.Try a step-by-step swaddle their baby in this way:

1. Fold one corner of the diaper 2. Hold the diaper, 3. Securely tuck angle

and put the child on the put the baby under the handle of his child back,

fold.Fold the edge of the diaper on the chest, on top of the handle of the child.

4. Fold the bottom of the diaper up over the child's body.

5. Fold the other side of the diaper on top of the handle of the child;hold the diaper until the handle stacked on the child's chest.

6. tuck the corner of the diaper under the baby back as far as it allows the diaper.

Touch stimulates the production of substances that cause growth.

Doctors have long known that children, which often touch, grow better, and now this observation has received scientific evidence.Apparently, there is a biological relationship between stroking, massage, caring for children and their growth.Touch stimulates the production of growth hormones and increases the level of enzymes that make the cells of vital organs more sensitive to the action of calling the growth of these hormones.For example, premature infants in the "house of rearing", where they are gaining the required weight, showed a 47 percent greater increase in weight when they received an additional touch.

researchers who conducted tests on animals have established the relationship between the mother licking her offspring and the rate of growth of its children.When the newborn pups were deprived of frequent licking of the mother (equivalent to massage the child), growth hormone levels fell, and the growth of the puppies stayed.Even injection of growth hormone puppies not receiving touches do not cause their growth.Only when the mother's touch and resumed licking puppies began to grow again.

researchers found that young men also when they are deprived of touch, growth hormone levels fell and developed a disease called psychosocial dwarfism;Even more surprisingly, they did not grow even when they were injected with growth hormone.Just getting the human touch, the children began to grow.This discovery means that thanks to the touch at the cellular level, there is something beneficial, forcing the cells to respond to growth hormone.Yes, there is some kind of magic in parental affection.

Touching causes brain growth. Touch is useful not only for the body - it is good for the brain.Research shows that infants who receive additional touch, show a higher neurological development.Why such a clear link?Researchers believe that the touch stimulates the growth of myelin, the insulating material surrounding nerves, allowing nerve impulses travel faster.

Touch improves digestion. Children receiving more than touch, exhibit increased production of digestive hormones.Researchers believe that this is another reason that children receiving touch, grow better.Apparently, the child touches make the digestive system work more efficiently.In children, tortured colic, caused by irritable bowel syndrome may be less abdominal pain, if they often do massage.

Touch improves behavior. Studies show that children who receive extra touch, become more organized.They sleep better at night, less capricious day and included better interact with the people who care for them.Touch soothes babies.Touch can be a wonderful tool to help your child sleep at night.

Touch enhances the self-esteem of the child. When a child gets tender loving hands, it helps them feel part of your body, because the child knows which areas of the body are most sensitive and which require relaxation.When a person is touched up, he feels the importance, in the same way as an adult feel "touched" by the other.

Touching helps parents. Daily massage helps you get closer to all of their child as a whole, to learn to understand his body language and recognize its signals.Give your child the right touch - only one more step up the ladder of love to your child.Massage is particularly valuable for the parent and child, had a sluggish start, for example, when they were separated as a result of complications.Massage helps the parent and the child again become close to each other.To underwent a bad start to a mother who does not feel to her newborn maternal feelings naturally, massage is another spark to ignite the flame.Similarly, for the heavy lifting on the baby massage helps break down barriers to nelaskovy child began to show pleasure when it takes on your hands or pat - and that parents are accustomed to touch your child.

Some working mothers, children that I watch the evening using massage as a tool to help them re-establish contact with the child after a day's absence.This special touch allows them to tune in to the child and to disconnect from work when they cross the threshold of the house.

For fathers, for the first time faced with caring for a newborn baby, massage is a practical course in communication with the child.In addition, the child is important to get used to his father's touch in addition to the parent.Children benefit from a variety of caresses.

special touch for special children. disabled children - and their parents - receive special benefits from

massage.Research shows that massage helps children with motor disorders, or motor, function better communicate their needs to parents - a process known as supply communicative signals.Massage allows you to learn how to better perceive their child's body signals.