Tantrums .

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Problems Of Infancy

Almost all children aged one to three years might be somewhat hysterical attacks.The child is already aware of their desires and personality.When he that is not allowed, he gets angry.But it does not directly attack the one who does not allow.Perhaps the adults seem to him too big and strong.Besides, it is not yet very developed martial instincts.

When the fury in it too strong, he can not think of anything better than to throw himself on the floor.It falls with a cry, batters on the floor with his hands, legs or even head.

One such attack does not mean anything.The child still has something to deny.But if attacks occur frequently, several times a day, perhaps, the child overtired or has any chronic physical illness.Frequent tantrums usually mean that the mother has not learned to tactfully guide the child.This raises a few questions.It is enough if a child is playing away from home, where the mother can not keep track of them and strictly control?Does he have any items that he can drag and push, an

d that you can climb?Enough Is he home toys and other items for the game, and if the house is organized so that the mother did not have to always something to forbid it?Perhaps the mother, without realizing it, she calls it stubborn when orders come up and put on a shirt, instead of giving it to him without comment, or asks if he wants to use the toilet, instead of just take him back?When she interrupts his game, to lead the courtyard or dinner, if she does it suddenly and without conditions, or pre-distracted by something pleasant?When sees the approaching storm, if grimly toward her child is distracted or something?

can not prevent all attacks of hysteria.It would be unnatural if her mother found so much patience and tact.When the storm breaks out, you try not to react to it and wait for the end.You will in any case should not give up and allow your child to do his own way: otherwise it will start to roll up such hysteria on purpose and on any occasion.Do not argue with him, because he was not in the mood to admit they were wrong.If you are angry, it will only make him more stubborn.Give him a chance to surrender with dignity.One child calms down soon, when the mother goes away and quietly go about their business as if nothing had happened.Another, more stubborn and persistent, will scream for an hour, if the mother does not do any friendly gesture.It can offer some interesting occupation and hug him, to show that she reconciled with him and the storm has passed.

especially frustrating when a child rolls his tantrum on the street.Take him up - with a smile, if you can.Take in some quiet place where you can be alone with him.

attacks, when the child begins to choke, turn blue and even momentarily loses consciousness, can be as much an expression of anger and stubbornness as tantrums.They are afraid of the mother, but she has to try and treat them intelligently, so that the child consciously did not use such a tool more and more often.