Massage for the baby

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

Massage you do with child, not the child.This interaction, rather than the task you want to perform at any cost.You will learn what touches like your child, and, as in dance, submit to your child's body language.While it is practically impossible to stroke your child is wrong, here's how to master the right touch to your child.


Choose a warm, quiet place without drafts.Our favorite place - in front of a huge, floor-to-ceiling windows, where the baby warm rays of the sun.Commit this ritual anywhere, as long as you and your child be comfortable: on the floor, on a table with a soft substrate, on the grass, on the beach or in bed.Turn on soothing music.Instructors for baby massage will be a good source of information about the appropriate massage music.

Choose a time when you do not have to rush when the less likely that you will interrupt, and when a child is greatest need for relaxation.Some parents like to start the day with a morning massage.Others prefer to massage the day before going to

bed.Children with evening colic best massage in the early evening, before the come "happy hour" colic.Sometimes executed massage allows you colic tormented by early evening the child to forget about their nightly problem.

Select the correct massage oil.Baby massage therapists and legible infant clientele prefer fruit or vegetable oils ( "edible oil"), rich in vitamin E, not deodorized.Look on the label the words "cold pressed" ( "cold pressing"), which means that the oil has been allocated exclusively from the raw material due to the pressure, without the use of heat or chemical solvents that change the characteristics of the oil.Avoid oils made of petroleum-based.By massage oils, withstood the test of time, are coconut, almond, apricot, safflower and avocado oil.See not appear within hours if an allergic reaction in the form of rashes, especially when using nut oils.


Arrange yourself and the baby, so that you both comfortable.Sit on the floor with his back to the couch or on the wall or stand on his knees beside the bed.In the first months of life, children like to lie in a natural cradle formed in your lap when you sit cross-legged;or just stretch your legs in front of him.Put the baby on the diaper carpeted sheep skins or warmed towel, put on top of your feet and formed a likeness of pillows.When a child will grow out of the cradle of your legs, pull the legs of the child along.Always keep a spare diaper Accidental fountain.

Experienced instructors baby massage attach particular importance to the need to respect the wishes of the child.They advise, before touching the child hands, to ask his permission: "Would you like a massage," Children are attentive to the installation, or be preceded by, event, ieevent group, signaling the approach of a familiar event.When a child sees you rub into your palm oil and hears you say the keyword "massage", see how it lights up the full approval of the person.If a child is crying, it is better to postpone the massage and simply hold it for some time on his hands.Remember that you are doing massage with child;if it is not "with" you wait until a better time.If he raskapriznichaetsya at any stage of the massage, stop and just take him in her arms.Massage - this is not a band-aid that you cleave the child when he is ill, and to a greater extent the process that prepares the child (and you too) to, to be able to cope better with the stresses of life.

If a child Sucitu arms and legs and he is tense, begin the ritual with the technology, which is called the relaxation to the touch: before starting to install the child eye contact.Take the winding or strained baby's legs and do "velosipedik" while gently saying, "Easy, easy ..." Thanks to this top child associates your movements aimed at relaxation to the touch, with pleasant actions that follow.This opening signal for the child, which means that now the game starts.And relax yourself.Intense child does not relax at the touch of strained hands.Listen for your baby reaction instead converted into mechanical massage procedure.


Start with the feet, with which to work most easily and that the child will give you the easiest.Hold the foot with one hand and "milk the" leg (Pinch) from the ankle to the thigh with the other hand.Then take the thigh with both hands, like a baseball bat, and is easy to turn and squeeze movements (as if to twist underwear, but gently) Keep your hands off the hip to the foot.Finally, roll it between your palms leg from the knee to the ankle.Going down the leg to the foot, do a series of strokes thumb, ankle and foot girth.As a finishing touch lightly stroke the legs from thigh to foot, before moving on to the body.

To perform abdominal massage, slide open palm and fingers in a circular motion, keeping his hand on the palm, from the chest down.Then lead both hands around the abdomen in a clockwise direction.To relax tense, bloated tummy, try the movement «I Love You».Finally, pressing the tips of his fingers, try to "walk" around the tummy.

Turning to the chest, keep both hands along the chest from the center to the sides and back, just like the pages of a book squaring.

pens and brushes are massaged in the same way as the legs and feet, but start with a "stop in the hole" (massage of the lymph nodes in the armpit).

Face has a very special techniques: stroking palms open, light pressing and circles with your thumbs, and finally light pat with your fingertips from the forehead over the cheeks.

At the end, go to the back, a general favorite.Use your fingertips to gently rub the entire surface of the back, drawing small circles.Then gently comb your fingertips from the back through the buttocks and legs to the ankles.

These techniques are basic, that our instructor teaches baby massage parents of our patients.There are many other touches that you and your child will develop together, learning to do baby massage.

Make your child a massage - is like reading a long poem.If both of you are in the mood to listen to the entire poem as a whole, you start from the beginning and go line by line in order (a child knows what to expect).If time is running out and the situation is not conducive to poetic verse, you can read a piece of a few favorite lines that you know by heart.For example, if you have done a full massage earlier in the day, while at night you can preserve the beauty of the whole, making the massage alone, hands or back, in order to send their crumbs in dreamland.Since she was accustomed to associate it with relaxation, you have a wonderful finishing touch to the ritual preparation for sleep, which also can be made the father.