Does your child hear?how to define it

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

Here are some simple observations that can be made in different ages to check your child's hearing.If many of the questions you answer no, let your child's hearing check by the doctor.

• Give your child acetaminophen.The first dose can and should be doubled.

• Mould little cooking oil, such as vegetable or olive oil, in a small glass and heat, putting a glass in warm water.Drip a few drops in the affected ear.Massage the outer end of the external auditory canal to drop leaked to the eardrum and pain removed.

• If otitis media occurs in your child often, keep it handy for prescription painkillers drops «Auralgan».

• Place the baby sick ear up and seat it vertically and try to help him fall asleep in this position.Perhaps it will be necessary for you to sit, surrounded by pillows in bed and put the baby to sleep on his chest, putting a healthy ear to your chest, and the patient giving up.

• To contribute to the outflow of secretion from the nasal passages (and possibly of the Eustachian tube), arrang

e the baby steam bath.

When air passes through the infected microorganism airway inflammation may arise in other areas.We have just completed their journey to the middle ear.Following are sinuses, small cavities in the bones of the facial skull at the sides

nose, under the eyes and above the eyebrows.With a cold, as in the nose, the mucosa in these sinuses becomes inflamed as mucus.This sinus mucus accumulates and flows to the nose, after which it is even more runny nose, or fed back into the pharynx, causing nasopharyngeal dripping, tickling throat and cough resulting from lying on the back.Rather than follow from the sinuses and disappear over time, as is usual with a cold, sometimes the liquid is retained in the sinuses, where it stagnates and becomes infected.Unlike otalgia (earache), runny nose or sore throat, sinusitis symptoms are mild and often go undetected, because the child does not feel too bad.