croup Treatment

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

The first thing that should be taken for the treatment of croup - is to reassure the child.Anxiety (child and parent) only exacerbates the situation.If you can relax the child's airway can relax.Put the baby upright on his lap, turn on soft music, sing lullabies, read a story or give the child to see something soothing on TV.If you are breastfeeding, give it a great sedative.(See. On how to calm the hospitalized child.)

Clean the airways helps child humidity.Close the door to the bathroom,

including hot shower (or tap in the bath) and arrange with the child on the floor (if in the bathroom is humid enough, when will steam) or sit on the wall of the bath and read stories.Place the baby's head on the pillow, the position on your knees or push yourself.Instead, you can use the vaporizer, setting it up to send a jet of steam directly to the child's nose or inhaled to arrange your own shed, throwing on the bed sheet and giving the shed coming from the cold steam humidifier.From my own experience I can say

that children with croup can protest against the conclusion of the shed.First, let your child fall asleep in your arms, and only then seat the child in an upright position in a child car seat and put the seat under the canopy.Or you can even sleep some time together in the bathroom filled with steam.

If your child has a fever, give the appropriate dose of acetaminophen.Let the child drinks juice, sip slowly, but to feed during an attack of croup is not necessary because of the danger that the child will choke or he will vomit, and he will breathe food into the lungs.Offer him soft food, such as jelly, while the worst are not left behind.Do not give any medicines purchased without a prescription, especially anti-edematous or antihistamines without consulting a doctor.These medications can dry narrowed airways, which tries to open the moisture.You can also try to make a child on the street, on a cool, damp night air (do not tell my grandmother).Take a ride on the machine is very slow, with the windows down.It was a foggy night air is due to the fact that children with croup often experience relief on the way to hospital.

When you need to act quickly

After the treatment described above, the vote which way changes the status of your child.If the drawing has been less marked, to the pale cheeks of the child returned to the color, or the child begins to chat, or has a desire to sleep (though the breath he still noisy), continue the treatment with steam and keep eyes open eyes and ears.Watch for the following warning signs of will appear, indicating the need for emergency medical care, and if you notice any of them, call your doctor as soon as possible and Bring the child to the emergency room.

• Retraction is becoming stronger, and the overtone during inspiration is transformed from a low-noise whistle.

• The child becomes pale.

• The child can not speak or cry because of shortness of breath.

• The child falls with each breath to make more efforts.

• Retraction is amplified, and the sound of breathing is becoming weaker.

On the way to the hospital, be sure to leave all the windows in the car exposed to humidity and ventilation, and try to relax your baby a soothing song.Croup requires a serious relationship with any severity.It can quickly be fatal.If you have any doubt as to the direction in which the disease develops, seek medical attention immediately or deliver the child to the local branch "Ambulance" or a children's hospital.

diarrhea or diarrhea that is watery stools, means better stool consistency, not its frequency.Children under one year most major causes of diarrhea, in order of frequency of cases are gastrointestinal infections, colds (respiratory tract infection), intolerance of certain foods and antibiotics.Have diarrhea often causes infant intestinal infection known as gastroenteritis.