Sexual sensations during breastfeeding

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Those same hormones that stimulate milk production and cause female maternal feelings (pro-Laktin and oxytocin) are also responsible for female sexuality.They cause a feeling of relaxation and pleasure and help mothers become attached to the baby.Breastfeeding was originally intended to be fun.Mankind would not have survived if breastfeeding was unpleasant.

Some women are worried inlitseysky.I like to engage our daughter when she is at work.I take off my shirt and give her a cuddle to his furry chest.Then I take a bottle and clamp it under his arm, as I used to keep a lantern when crawling your neighborhood.I'm holding the baby almost as well as my wife keeps the breast, and the baby is drinking from the bottle under my arm.It looks like both of us for the benefit of such an innovation. "One point in favor of paternal instincts.

If you have already used the recommendations on feeding of a baby bottle, and the child still refuses to take a bottle, take it easy: there are other strategies.Try to feed you

r baby from a small diameter plastic ware, such as cups for juice, medical cups or small, flexible bowls with the rim.If you tilt the glass or

intensity of sensations that arise when a baby suckles.Especially when the child gets older, women are concerned, whether these feelings are normal.Of course yes!That's what he thinks about La Leche League International: «Women do experience physical sensations during breastfeeding.Depending on the time and situation, these feelings can be determined in different ways - as the physical stimulation, as a general feeling of bliss or how warm and loving feelings towards the child.All this is a natural part of a woman's life and her relationship with the child. "

bowl so that its edge coincides with the child's lip contour, it usually turns out to be more acceptable to the child and newer than the nipple.Pour a little milk in the baby's mouth and wait until it sglotnet.Be prepared for the fact that the milk will flow down past first until the child masters this new skill.Patiently let the baby lap up the milk until it gets used to the new type of pump-enforcement-swallowing movements.If the child likes to sip milk, try using a training cup with a rim on top instead of nipples.Avoid cups with a spout.

Fortunately, all these troubles have one thing in common - they quickly pass.Then the child grows and becomes more developed, and to share your happy fall new concerns.But such is the children.