Father as a friend

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Problems Of Infancy

Children need the friendship and approval of his father. Boys and girls need to be with his father, to feel his love and, if possible, to do something with it.Unfortunately, often the father, returning home only wants to go down in a chair and unwrap the newspaper.If he knew how valuable for the child of his society, he undertook efforts would be more reasonable.I speak reasonable : do not think that the conscious father (and mother) had to force myself to do what it can not.The best fifteen minutes of fun to play, and then say, "Now, I read the paper" than angry all day to wander around the zoo.

Sometimes the father is so eager to raise the perfect son, it keeps them nice to spend time in each other's company.A father who wants his son to become an athlete, very early starts to teach him to play football.Naturally, the child often makes mistakes.If my father kept his abuses, even in a friendly way, the child becomes uncomfortable, and it's not fun and not fun.In addition, it seems to him that he did

good for nothing.- In the eyes of the father and all the others.If a child is quite confident and sociable, he will sooner or later he is interested in sports.And the approval of his father would help him more than his lessons.The game of football is good, when it offers the son, not the father.

boy becomes a man not only because it is born with a male body.His forces to behave like a man, and to feel a man's ability to imitate, to build itself on the model of men and older boys to whom he refers as a friend.He can not imitate a man, if you do not feel that this person likes him and approves.If the father has always behaved with her son irritated or impatient, insecure boy will feel not only with him but also with other adults and older boys.He will stay close to his mother and borrows its manners and interests.

Therefore, a father who wants his son grown man should not yell at him, the boy was crying, ridicule, when he played with the girls, or make sports.He should be glad his son, giving him feel that he was covered in his father shared with him secrets, sometimes taking him alone with him for a walk.

girl also needs a father, a friend. easy to understand that the father needs the boy as an example, but many do not realize that the father plays a different, though no less important role in the formation of the daughter.She repeats it himself, but gets self-confidence in girls and women when he feels his approval.I mean, these are cases where the father praises his daughter a dress or hairstyle, or cookies that she had baked.When she gets older, the father can show that he is interested in her opinion, and introduced her to his own.Later, when she will be friends, it is important that he met them kindly, even if deep down believes that they are not good enough for her.

learning to appreciate the masculine qualities of her father, the girl is preparing for adult life in a world that is half of the men.The way she is friends with the boys and then to men in whom falls in love with someone marries, - all this is determined by the strong influence of the relationship with his father, which have developed in childhood.

When games go too far. most fathers like noisy games with the kids, and most kids love them too.But children often overexcited in these games, and it sometimes leads to nightmares at night.We must remember that in two-three-four years, children love and hate, children's fears can easily get out of control.Young children are not very clearly aware of the difference between the real and the imaginary.For them, the father, which depicts a bear or a prize fighter at the time to actually become a bear or a fighter.For a small child it is sometimes too.Therefore, these games should be short and not very noisy and violent, even if the child asks for more.The main thing is not to play in the war or persecution.Let it be a simple acrobatics.And in any case, stop if the child is too excitable.

father should not laugh at the child. On average, men are more inherent ferocity than women.In the civilized world, they have to keep this a feature under control.When a man annoying friend or business partner, he can not just hit him or insult.But in accordance with the rules, you can make fun of him.As men learn to joke.When the father feels mild irritation to his son, he can begin to make fun of him.When a child laughs, he feels humiliated and did not know how to respond.Taunts - too strong for children.