Sick or hospitalized child - breast-feeding

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Breastfeeding is good medicine.Apart from the fact that breastfeeding helps premature babies, breast-feeding is an important member of the medical team, if a child is sick, especially if he is hospitalized.When one of my patients admitted to the hospital, I always encourage parents to exercise self care for him.I have noticed that in this case the children get better soon, and parents do not feel outsiders, because they are part of the medical team.The more they take part, the better to understand the nature of the disease and treatments.

Especially valuable breastfeeding for children who were hospitalized with respiratory disease, such as croup or bronchitis.In these situations, the more the child is crying, the more impaired his breathing.To calm the child, you are doing a more calm his breathing.Let me share with you a story about Tony and his year-old mother, Shin-di who breastfeed.One early morning, Tony woke up with a barking cough, and he found it hard to breathe.I sent Tony to the hospital for t

reatment of croup, but his condition worsened.Tony got into a vicious circle: the more difficult it was to breathe, the more nervous, more complicated his breath. I told Cindy that if Tony did not soothe his condition is becoming more complicated, and we will have to produce a tracheotomy (surgical opening of the trachea below inflamed vocal cords, so that he could breathe more air).Do not breath, Cindy blurted out: "I will give it!", And she did it.Through a hole in the oxygen tent Tony came

chest Cindy, along with gentle words and exhilarating, as well as familiar human touch, which is worried about your child is strong enough to give him the best.Tony listened, watched and sucked.He instantly relaxed and breathe it became easier.Relaxed and I relaxed a mom, and the surgeon, who was holding his tools ready to save lives.Tony was the best sedative.

During illness, children often return to a more primitive and familiar complacency, such as thumb sucking and folding up like a fetus.Breastfeeding during illness removes the anxiety of being in the hospital walls, helping the child to grasp a comfortable and pleasant effect, which he loved for a long time and which is experiencing confidence.

Breastfeeding is also valuable for a child with diarrhea syndrome caused by inflammation of the intestines (known as gastroenteritis).These children may have an intolerance to artificial formulas, but they are usually well tolerated in breast milk.In our practice we have seen many children with gastroenteritis who continued to breastfeed without amplification diarrhea or dehydration;at the same time they are bottle-fed counterparts

with the same disease is often delayed for a long time in the hospital with dehydration and in need of intravenous fluids.Another point in favor of mother's milk.In addition, sucking itself very soothing a child who does not understand why it is so bad.