Irritations of the diaper or diaper rash : how to prevent and treat

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

carefully consider pure, untouched by any sores ass of her child.Over the next year, its color may never be as smooth.One has only to start to wrap the child in diapers, do not cause irritation to wait long.Diapers and skin simply can not without friction.To protect surrounding objects from children's feces, diapers were invented - a baby's skin is rebelling against the loss of his freedom to breathe fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.

Where are the irritation?First take a very sensitive skin, add the chemicals contained in the urine and feces, plug the this site great "bandage" and rub it all together.Done!So you got irritation of diaper .Hold this mixture for long enough, and bacteria for a few fungi begin to multiply in weakened skin, and you will be even more severe irritation with diaper rash, and rash.

Excessive moisture on sensitive skin - this is the main cause irritations from diapers.Excess moisture deprives natural skin greasy lubricant furthermore wet skin easily damaged by friction.Once the

skin is irritated by excessive moisture, it can no longer serve as a reliable natural barrier.The weakening of the skin attacking the bacteria and fungi, leading to more severe and prolonged healing of skin damage.Young children have a lot of fat folds in the groin area.Friction these wet skin folds and is the reason that most of irritation was observed in the inguinal recesses.As soon as the skin gets used to the damp, solid foods introduced into the diet of the child, delivers other chemical irritants, and irritation of the changes - the reaction of the ass baby that something has changed on the other end.

Treatment irritation from diapers

irritation Do not take too much to heart."But I have to change clothes it whenever He described" - often say the mother, apologizing for what their children did not pass irritation.Even the children of parents who are very attentive to changing diapers, irritation appear.But ways to alleviate the situation.

Change wet or soiled diapers right away.In children receiving breast milk, often immediately after feeding is a chair, but often they are in a deep sleep, allowing them to change a diaper without waking, especially at night.When the chair stopped at the child during the night feedings, you no longer have perepelenyvat it at night, so the transition to the use of two or three diapers at the same time, the child remained dry throughout the night.

me more often.Studies have shown that children who change diapers at least eight times a day, at least there are diaper irritation.

Try different types of diapers.Although both sides have trumpeted their victory over the rash and diaper rash, try and cloth and disposable diapers, to see which cause the least irritation.

rinse of stimuli diapers.If you wash the diapers themselves, to remove soap residues and alkaline irritants just blow before the rinse cycle half cup of vinegar.You can also require that the processing of their service washing diapers.

to wash or wipe thoroughly.During each change of diaper wash away the ass of the child, especially if the diaper was wet and you smell ammonia.Experiment to find an option that fits your child's ass the best.Sensitive skin is best transfers plain water;sometimes it takes a mild soap.Some sensitive ass rebel against the chemicals in disposable baby wipes impregnated, especially those containing alcohol;others take their ass without any irritation.Try different napkins until you find the ones that are a good fit.The skin on the buttocks, some kids like to be completely "naked" and breathe.Other irritations less if to cover the skin protective cream.

Wipe gently. Wipe

soak through the soft cotton towel or a clean diaper.You never need to strongly rub the skin with a towel or scrub the irritated skin with alkaline soap.One of our children had such sensitive skin that even touching towel blotted cause redness.We used a hair dryer (the minimum temperature at a distance of 30 cm from the skin), to dry her ass.

«airconditioning ass baby air."Let closable diaper area to breathe, wearing disposable diapers loose, not tight.We know mothers,

that pierce holes in disposable diapers, so air can circulate more freely.Avoid tight-fitting diapers and airtight elastic pants, which retain moisture;leave these pants for when leaking nappy is socially unacceptable.

Keep baby ass up.

When the baby sleeps, substitute his ass air and sometimes for ten minutes the sun near closed window.Place the baby on a folded cloth diaper, having spread down the rubberized oilcloth to protect bedding and blankets.In warm weather, and at the end of the neonatal period, let the baby to sleep away from home, so that his ass was open to fresh air.

Eliminate friction. unbend a plastic layer on the disposable diapers out to only the softest portion of the diaper touched the baby's skin.The rim around the waist of the child indicates that the culprit is a friction irritations.Apart from the diaper rubbing on the skin and rub more folds of fat in the groin area of ​​a child during the exercise for the legs ( "velosipedik") or when the baby is grown up learning to walk.Apply any-Fabrikant, such as a cream, "A & amp;D Ointment », or ointment with zinc oxide to reduce friction in the inguinal folds.

your own recipe on annoyances

Try this "recipe" to treat irritation from diapers at their child:

• Antifungal ointment (Lotra-min).

• -s 1% hydrocortisone ointment.

Apply every on separately at different times twice a day.(Both products are sold in department holiday medicines without a prescription.)

Barrier creams

Most asses without irritation, creams and ointments are not necessary, because they can strip the skin to breathe naturally.But if your child's buttocks prone to rashes - "As soon as I can cope with a rash, it appears again" - barrier creams may be a good preventive measure.Once you see that ass turned red and there appeared irritation, generously apply a barrier cream that contains zinc oxide.Corn starch is one of the oldest protective equipment can be used in the inguinal folds to eliminate friction, but in my experience, we can say that the corn starch rolls and more harm than good.

Changes in diet

When changing conditions on the one end, and wait for change on the other.Changes in diet, including a change of artificial mixtures or the introduction of solid foods, teething or medications - all this leads to a change in the chemical composition of faeces and urine, causing irritation.(By the way, studies have shown that children receiving breastfeeding, irritation from diapers rarely take a severe form.) As soon as the conditions change to "the oral end of the" Apply barrier creams to

how will irritations, especially if your child is proneto them.If you give your child antibiotics, let's daily one teaspoon of powder or capsule Acidophilus Lactobacillus or Lactobacillus bifidus (sold in department of refrigerated foods in grocery stores) to reduce diarrhea caused by antibiotics and the resulting mucosal irritation.If diaper rash or hives persist for a long time, see a doctor, because, perhaps, drugs are the only way to cure them.