How to become a detective on the scree and diaper rash

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

«nappy irritation" - is actually a general term that covers a wide variety of stimuli,

rashes and chafing in the area, closes the diaper.Here's how to identify certain types of skin irritations in the groin and gluteal areas and provide treatment.

Allergic ring. red ring around the child's anal hole indicates that the culprit is some stimulus in the diet, like a rash around the mouth of the child with the introduction of a new product.Excessive amounts of citrus and citrus juice and wheat - these are the basic stimuli.Avoid this product to see if the red ring disappears.It may even require you to exclude this product from your diet if you are breastfeeding.(See. For food allergies in more detail.)

contact dermatitis. manifested as red swelling flat, as if after scalding with boiling water, contact dermatitis occurs in areas of friction of the diapers, usually around the waist and upper thighs.A clear sign of this type is irritation by the fact that the fold where the skin does not come into direct

contact with diapers remain unaffected.Causes irritation are chemical irritants in the fiber material of the diaper, or in a detergent or chemical stimuli which are formed when urine and feces are found in the diaper for a long time.Friction synthetic material on the sensitive skin is another possible cause, as well as chemical changes, undergoes a chair during the diseases associated with diarrhea or during treatment with antibiotics.

to cure dermatitis, lower the buttocks of the child in warm water for five minutes;then if feel even a slight odor of ammonia coming from the child's buttocks, keep it in the water longer.Leave the baby without diapers as long as reasonably possible.Try different diapers and apply nonprescription a 1% hydrocortisone ointment twice a day for several days.

Intertrigo (intertrigo, intertriginous dermatitis). In appearance intertrigo - the exact opposite of contact dermatitis.It occurs in areas where the skin folds rub against each other, for example in the inguinal folds.Called a warm and lingering in the folds of the moisture, causing skin irritation.When urine regard to areas affected by intertrigo, skin can burn, why the baby is crying.To treat diaper rash lubricate the irritated skin with white petroleum jelly each time you change the diaper.

Seborrheic dermatitis (seborrheic dermatitis, infantile eczema). edges of the affected areas of seborrheic dermatitis are clearly marked;in this disease there is a large red spot in the groin, on the genitals and lower abdomen.This is the kind of diaper irritations, which are the hardest to watch - a protruding above the skin, rough, thick and more oily than in all other cases.In addition to the above preventive measures, this type of irritation is usually treated with non-prescription 0.5% or 1% Corte zonal ointment or, in severe cases, an ointment is prepared according to the recipe.Caution: Do not use cortisone ointment on the closure diaper area longer period prescribed physician because the excessive use can lead to skin damage.

candidiasis (a fungal rash). If diaper rash on an enclosed area of ​​the skin of the child has not disappeared, despite the fact that you have taken all of the above preventive measures and applied the above-mentioned non-prescription tools may cause the yeast and anti-fungal ointment should try nonprescription or prescription.

rash caused by yeast, reddish-pink, swollen, forming patches with sharp boundaries, mostly on the genitals, but also has a spot satellite, scattered around the main affected area and often look like small pustules.Fungal infections can be superimposed on any of the above stimuli of diapers if it does not heal in a few days.Sometimes, if a fungal rash does not pass, it requires the oral administration of antifungal agents, as in the treatment of thrush.

Impetigo (pemphigus newborns). caused by bacteria (usually streptococci or staphylococci), impetigo appears as blisters the size of a coin, which is oozing from the liquid and are covered with a crust the color of honey.They are scattered around the anal area, especially on the buttocks.This type of rash requires ointment prescribed by a doctor with antibiotics and sometimes oral antibiotics.

irritation from diapers - is the result of a civilized life in which the child's buttocks permanently closed.Like all full of inconveniences during early childhood, it also passes.