What makes his move

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Problems Of Infancy

Cheerfulness. Year - a wonderful age.Your baby has completely changed: he eats differently, crawls, arrives, changed his feelings toward yourself and others.When he was young and helpless, you can put it where want to give toys that you seem suitable to feed a food that you like.Most of the time he agreed to listen to you and take all friendly.Now, when he was a year old, all the more complicated.The child seems to understand that there will be a lifetime doll that he is a man, with his desires and with his will.

When he is offered something that he does not like, he should have his own.So he tells his nature.He simply said "no" - the words or gestures - even the things that he likes.Psychologists call this negativism, mother - "terrible times" no. "But stop and think about what would happen to him if he had not been able to say "no."It would be a robot, a mechanical man.You could not resist the temptation to command it forever, and it would cease to learn and develop.And then in the outside world

, at school and later at work all have enjoyed this feature it.He did that would not fit.

passion for research. He is a passionate researcher.He sticks his nose into all the cracks and corners, puts his fingers in the recesses of furniture, table and shakes everything that is not nailed to the floor;he wants to throw every single book from the shelf, taken at all, which could reach, tuck small toys to large, and then trying to shove large to small.Tired mother says: "He sticks his nose everywhere," and the tone of her voice suggests that he was in everybody's way.She probably does not understand what he is going through an important period.Child should all learn about size, shape, weight objects and the world around him to try his hand before he can go to the next step, just as he had to finish primary school, to go into the middle.That.he "puts his nose everywhere," it is proof of the normal development of his mind and soul.

way, by the time you have probably realized that he never for a moment sitting on the ground, when not sleeping.It's not nervousness, and the desire to study.He is so constituted that it can and must learn new things all day long.