Double ( and even twins) - breastfeeding

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Twice invested twice as many get.Here's how to survive and even benefit from breastfeeding twins.

Get the right help as soon as possible.In last weeks of pregnancy, talk to other mothers who suckled the twins feeding.Arrange for specialist advice on breastfeeding, having experience with the help of multiple pregnancy, so he helped you a day or two after birth, and teach you proper technique.

Start right. What further complicates breastfeeding - most twins are born prematurely, and because they usually sleepy and bad suck in the first week or two.Having resorted to the help of a specialist in breastfeeding, immediately get your hands on the correct positions and techniques of breast capture, before your children have acquired bad habits before your nipples are sick, and before you are faced with a lack of milk production.The correct position and equipment breast capture important for the mother of one child;double for twins mother.

Feed the children separately and then together.In the first week most mothers find that it is easier to feed one child at a time, giving all his attention to teaching the right to take the breast of each.Once both the child will learn to take the breast properly, you can decide what to feed both at the same time easier, especially if the two children the same appetite and temperament.To give every bit of your attention, try to feed mostly at the same time and once or twice a day alone, especially in those moments when one is hungry, and another is sleeping.Simultaneous feeding works best if the children sleep alone.In addition, studies have shown that mothers who breast-fed twins at the same time, the number of maternal hormone prolactin rises to a higher level than that of the mothers who feed their children separately.

In many cases, the twins almost the same weight at birth and the same need for food, but more often a neighbor uterus robs another, selecting him placental nutrition, and so one of the twins has obvious signs of underdevelopment.This child will likely need more frequent feeding to compensate for growth.Sometimes one of the twins is very demanding, while the other is calm and easy to handle;and one may just be hungrier than the other.Let hungrier sets the feeding mode.When you are going to feed a hungry child, less demanding periodically wake the baby to feed and to ensure that at least a few times a day you have had simultaneous feeding.Otherwise, you may find that all the time (literally) feed only one child or the other.

Positions for feeding twins.

Experiment with all these positions to see which combination is suitable for you and your kids the best.

• Unless you're sitting up in bed, use a footstool to raise your knees to better support both babies.

dual position of "armpit" allows you to control the movement of both babies heads in the event that one or both of the love during a feeding head to throw back.Breastfeed in this position, be sure to arrange themselves and their children more comfortable using pads or purchase a special foam pillow special configuration (through La Leche League).head of children will be divorced in different directions, and their legs will be crossed -

•, then place a second child on the other arm and attach to the breast to take the position of the cross "in the cradle", put one hand on the child.Again, use to support a variety of pillows.

• In a parallel position one child lies on your hand ( "in the cradle" position) and the other under his arm, so that their body lie in one direction.One child lies on your hand, put a pillow under which, and the second is on the pillow, and his neck you hold in your hand.

father - a second mother. father should be involved in the child feeding in any way.If you have twins, he simply must.When caring for the dual role of mother and father are not so divided.It is true that only a mother can produce milk, but a father can do the rest.Fatigue - this is the main enemy of the majority of nursing mothers.Consult our mother, who was able to successfully breastfeed twins suckle, mastered the art of being home administrator in the chair, directing the flow and allocate responsibilities among all the friends and family members who are unable to Zăluceni.Father may hold additional feeding, bringing the children to the "administrator" of feeding (especially at night), as well as to make or distribute household chores.One bursting with proud father of twins described joint parental care as follows: "Our children two mothers: she dairy mom and I hairy mom."Breastfeeding twins

: twice duties twice a sense of humor.(More about caring for twins cm. In Article 18.)