How to teach a child to stay dry

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Problems Of Infancy

willingness to learn.In sense to teach the child to urinate in a pot - it is more difficult and slower than in the pot to do their big business.At any age intestine easier to control than the bladder.If the chair is able to retain most of the children have to two years, many of those who have two and a half, still wet the bed at night and in the daytime pants.On the other hand, children rarely resist when they are taught to use the potty during the day.When they feel that the bladder is full, they are willing to destroy it.That is not to refuse to go to the toilet and release urine.It seems that the urine is not it a valuable property, which often seems to cal.

Bladder becomes able to hold more urine in the period between 12 and 18 months. Most of the children in the first year and at the beginning of the second bladder is emptied frequently and completely automatically.Around 15 or 16 months, the mother notices the first time - with surprise and joy - the baby for two hours as dry during an afterno

on nap.This is not the result of learning.Just strengthened bladder.This is confirmed by the rare stories of children who are already in the 12 months overnight stay dry, although the mother has not taught them to use the potty.On average, boys learn to urinate in a pot - day and night - later than girls.Some children two years of the bladder is emptied every hour or even every half hour.Although

to 15 or 18 months, most children the bladder is able to hold urine for two hours, it does not mean, of course, that children are trained.If the mother show tact and care, it can be during the day a few times just to sit on the pot.But do not expect a child at this age, he will give you a sign.He did not seem aware of this need,

marks between 18 and 24 months. By the end of the second year, children begin to realize that they overflowed the bladder, and can tell the mother or submit a special sign.Most signs are fed children whose mothers manage time to put on a pot: it focused the attention of the child.By the way, in the first few weeks of the baby's mother informs after, how wet my pants.Some mothers think it is meaningless, and some even begin to suspect that a child above them scoff.Do not despair.Just at the beginning of sputum consciousness is stronger consciousness of overcrowding in the bladder.The child has good intentions, he tries his best and will soon give a sign of the time, if he sees that his efforts appreciated.But even after the child begins to give signs, he has not been trained.Sometimes he is too passionate about something, to notice a full bladder, so the first time to be an accident occurs, if the mother does not keep track of time.And the child has yet to master the last step: he must learn to observe and master the art of time to get to the toilet, to cope with the clothing, and successfully complete the whole thing.Observations of children show that many still two and a half years, there are accidents, and many do not seize this responsible work, and in three years.

How to cope in the first half of the second year. There are two main approaches to learning.Mothers who prefer to start learning early (those who "catch" a regular chair at the end of the first year, or early in the second), sweep gradually start to "catch" urine when baby bubble able to hold it for two hours.If you find that within two hours of your child stays dry, you can be relatively sure of three things:

1. The bladder is sufficiently strengthened and with it moleno begin work.You can not train that is not ready to learn.

2. Bubble child is filled in two hours.So, by the time he is ready to urinate.He did not have long to hold on the pot.

3. Initially, the child will stay dry throughout.Two hours is not always the case.But after a few weeks of this will increasingly occur.Therefore, the learning curve is not unexpected for the child.

This is the right time for dressing in special panties.

Most children are beginning to stay dry after a nap.Few are dry at other times of the day.Very few is first detected at the time of morning awakening.

Pending signs. Parents who prefer not to rush in training (they are up to the second half-year wait when the child begins to ask for a pot "by and large"), of course, will not take the time to train to pee in a pot.A child who is between 18 and 24 months of getting used to show that he will chair, usually within a month or so later able to report mother and crowded bladder if it encourages him and asks to speak about it.

If mother waits until baby learns to himself (from the desire to use the toilet, the other members of the family), he is likely to learn to use the potty and stool and urine simultaneously.As I mentioned, it may be several days to become a nuisance, because he.every ten minutes to ask to use the toilet in the hope once again to show their achievements.

I want to emphasize once again that if the mother is willing to wait.while the child did not learn how to apply signs or imitate others, it should not be assumed that its participation or encouragement may spoil business.Most of the children at the end of the second year are quite ready to fulfill the desire of mother if she expresses them kindly and encouragingly, and if take into account the child's readiness.In other words, the child confuses and disturbs him, if the mother is so afraid to intervene, that is trying to keep secret his desire to teach him from it.

Inability to urinate outside the house. Sometimes it happens that a child under the age of two years, so accustomed to their own pot or a seat that is nothing without them can not do.It can not persuade or force.It is likely, wetting pants, and for this it is impossible to blame.If he has a full bladder, and he can not help, and you are far from home, try to put him in a half-hour warm bath.Perhaps this will work.Keep in mind this possibility, when you go somewhere else with the child, and take it with potty seat or the child if necessary.Better early to accustom the child to urinate in different places, including not at home.

ability to urinate standing comes later. Sometimes parents begin to worry if the two-year boy does not want to urinate standing up.No need to worry because of that.Sooner or later he will learn when they see how others do it a boy or a father

child stays dry all night. Many experienced and inexperienced parents believe that the only reason for which the child remains dry all night, that's what they did pick up at night.They ask: "Now he has learned to ask for a pot of the day, it's time to start raising it at night?" This is a wrong idea, there is no need to assume that wean the child to urinate at night is very difficult.Where is closer to the truth that the child remains dry throughout the night, when he had sufficiently strengthened bladder, if the child is not nervous and does not resist potty training often happens that a child ceases to urinate at night from the year, although his mother does notaccustomed, and in the afternoon the same child is wet.Many children in the late second and early third year stay dry at night, although during the day are not able to control the bladder.Bubble during sleep keeps urine longer, because the kidneys produce less urine automatically when a person is lying or sleeping, and the urine is more concentrated at the same time.

Most children stop to urinate during the night between two and three years, at least - between a year and two and even less - after three years.Boys achieve this later girls, nervous children wet the bed longer calm.Sometimes the delay in mastering this skill is a feature of the family.

I do not think that the parents should have something special to take to teach a child is not wetting the bed.In most cases, it is quite natural to strengthen the bladder, underpinned by the idea that the child learns during the day - urine should stay in the closet.Of course, if parents will be proud of the achievements with your child, it will help.

Some parents prefer to be more active, and as soon as the child gets used to pee in a pot in the afternoon, starting to raise its 10 pm.Perhaps it is a bit faster case because the bubble, exhausted in the evening, not so crowded in the morning.Sometimes the children themselves awake in the evenings and readily urinate.Others wake harder, or they do not want to urinate, waking up, or very upset.I think that if the parents are faced with, they should retreat.