Wearing the baby: the art and science to carry her baby

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

«As long as I carry the child to himself, he is satisfied" - do not cease to repeat the mother naughty children in our practice.After hearing how parents praise their children comfortable wearing in the bag, we decided to find out whether the parent would be able to approach so successful in other cultures, become a part of our own parents' lives.Here is the story of the child wearing the bag - it has changed the lives of parents and children, for which we are seeing and how it can change your.

Parents are their children themselves in many other cultures;in our culture, children are taken to the wheels, and then to park somewhere.Experts in the field of child development, traveling

around the world and studying practiced approaches to childcare, have repeatedly pointed out that children who are in a variety resembling garment sling or breast bags look more comfortable than the children, who are being heldcribs, playpens, strollers and plastic seats.One of our patients had recently returned from Bali,

which was present at the ceremony touches the ground.Balinese children are on their own within the first six months of life.Mother or another member of the vast family of the child is all day long, and the child lay sleeping next to her mother.The child is literally not touching the ground before reaching the age of six months, when there is a ceremony of touching the ground, and when a child is first placed on the ground so that it can crawl and move around freely.

We studied the research approaches to child care for

mood by wearing baby

In case you're wondering how much time parents should be their child, answer the parents, of course, we have to sometimes shootoff the baby and put it somewhere!In fact, it is important to come to a balanced approach to wearing a baby.But this type of parental care means that you should change your settings as to what is the children actually.You can think of your child, as in the photo, currently lying quietly in bed, staring at the flickering passively carousel, which take on his hands, only to feed and play with him, and then again put into place;you may think that these periods of "on hands" - a forced intervals to ensure that calm the child as long as it can be put back.To understand the constant wearing of a child, turn this point of view: carry the child to himself most of the time and place of his or her only during

many years and have found universal agreement as to what the children behave and develop better if a lot of them are.A few years ago, at an international conference of the parent, we asked questions to the two women from Zambia, who wore their children in a sling, constituting one ensemble with their national costume.We asked them why women in their country, most of the time their children are.One woman said: "It obnaibolee long periods of the day or night's sleep, as well as to devote time to their own needs.

a balanced approach to wearing a baby.Allow your child to enjoy a period of stay on the carpet when it is free to move, but then take it in his arms as soon as he submits a sign that wants you to take it again.You'll notice an interesting change in behavior, "bedridden" children tend to cry, to be taken into his arms;children constantly staying on the hands, without weeping learn to give signals of body language that they want to put them.Time spent on arms is gradually reduced in a natural way, as your child gets older and his motor skills are developing.However, even a two-year child can sometimes be times when he needs to be increased attention and wants to take him in his arms and carried.

facilitates the life of the mother. "A second added: "It's good for the baby."These women have expressed for a long time feeling of "unity", "fullness" and "importance" that gives them carrying a baby.Women in their country do not have the books and studies of maternal hormones.All that they have - this century tradition, which taught them that just happens something good for women and their children when they are children.

Do not these two simple desire

has any parent in any country: make life easier for yourself and do the best for your child? Wearing baby in a bag satisfies both of these desires.

Inspired by these observations, in 1985 we began to own personal study of positive effects that has a carrying a child on children and parents.Since we have covered a lot of kilometers with their children in a bag, and experimenting with different variants were accurate records.We recommend and encourage parents as much as you can carry your children, starting from the birth, and children try different bags to choose the most convenient for them and for their children.

mothers, we now say: "Try to get used to the baby in a sling-bag, as if it is your favorite clothes."At the first scheduled examination of the child, usually at the age of one week, we show young parents how to wear baby.In the course of a personal rate for carrying a baby, we encourage parents to experiment with different positions to find the one that is most comfortable and allows your child snugly against the body of the parent;we advise them to change position in accordance with the development of the child.

Now, to show you how this practice can ease your parents' lives and contribute to the development of your child, we offer you the results of our research and personal course in baby wear.