Burns in children

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

If a child is burned, do the following:

• Immediately immerse the burned area in cold water for at least twenty minutes. In addition, the water relieves the pain she suffered cools the skin and reduces its damage. Do not use ice, skin that causes even more damage.If the burn is on the face, apply a cold, soaked in ice water or a towel, hold the cheek under a stream of cold water.Do not grease the burnt place of butter, fat and sprinkle talcum powder.

• If the clothes on the child off, extinguish the fire with a towel, blanket, coat or his own clothes.

• Quickly remove burnt clothing or soaked with boiling water, but be careful not to touch the child's face when you pull the shirt over his head hot.Cut clothing if necessary.

• Evaluate the degree of severity of the burn.If there is only redness and no blisters, soak the affected area in cold water, stand as a child.Do not tie the burn and watch for changes.

• If the skin is covered with blisters, turned white or charred, apply antiseptic ointment

and close freely burn with a clean cloth or bandage (not plaster).Call a doctor or take your child to the emergency room.

• It is necessary not only to hold the burned area in cold water, but also give your child acetaminophen.

Treating burns is aimed at pain relief and prevention of inflammation, scarring and disfiguring contractions (reduction of the area of ​​damaged tissue in the recovery process).Besides the fact that the doctor will advise you, in most cases, treatment of burns is these daily rituals.

Wash.Flush the burned area under running lukewarm water and dry with a clean towel soak through.The jet of water washes pathogens and necrotic tissue.

Apply the ointment for burns.Cover the affected area obtained with a prescription ointment (a combination of silver compounds and sulfa antibiotics), which accelerates healing and prevents infection.

bandages.Your doctor will instruct you whether to cover the damaged area only ointment (and how to do it) or it is necessary to close and seal the burn nekleevoy bandage.

stretch.If the burn is on the site, which is bent and unbent, for example passes through the palm or knuckles, stretch the affected area for one minute at least ten times a day to prevent contraction.

Sanitize.To minimize infection, it may be necessary for your doctor to cut the burned tissue several times in the course of healing (a procedure called debridement, or surgical debridement), or it will show you how to perform this minor surgery itself, which is notharder than cut fingernails. Do not pierce the blisters, natural defenses, unless you advise a doctor.

With careful care of burnt children's skin is reduced remarkably well, without scarring, unless there is deep or extensive damage.

Burns with electrocution

electrocution may not only cause major burns than collapse-rivanj boiling water - electric current can disrupt the normal rhythm of the heartbeat.Touching wires laid low power lines - very dangerous occurrence that requires immediate medical attention and even resuscitation.If a child puts a curious finger into an electrical outlet, it usually gets a little bump, not to do so in the future.

Chemical burns (burns alkalis and acids)

Put the burned area for twenty minutes under running cold water.Remove the child's clothes soaked in chemicals, being very careful not to cause irritation of other skin areas.If necessary, cut the clothes with scissors or leave the clothes, if you can not remove it without risk to the child.For example, it is not necessary to remove the child's head through the bleach-soaked shirt.Zamoyte contaminated area with soap and water, but do not need much to scrape tissue, or even more toxic substance can be absorbed into the skin.If at least some amount of toxic substance baby inhaled or swallowed, immediately call a toxicological service and give your child an antidote indicated on the packaging of chemical substances, or give him to drink as much water as possible.If the chemical gets into your eyes, rinse the eyes for twenty minutes a powerful jet of water from a jug.

Treating sunburn

If the skin is only slightly reddened and the child feels no discomfort, no treatment is required.In more severe cases, try the following means:

• If the skin is very red, and the baby is crying, immerse the affected area in cold water or apply for fifteen minutes, soaked a towel in cold water at least four times a day.Leave the skin a little water so that the skin is cooled through evaporation.

• Lubricate moisturizing lotion without vaseline or other refined petroleum products, several times a day (for example, a lotion with aloe).

• If the skin is covered with blisters, see a doctor for a prescription for an ointment;This second-degree burn, and treatment should be carried out according to the instructions given above.

• To give pain relief of acetaminophen.