Breastfeeding during pregnancy

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Breastfeeding during pregnancy?Yes, you can!Mothers often warn against breastfeeding during pregnancy.And that's why.Breastfeeding stimulates the release of oxytocin into your bloodstream hormone. Theoretically, this hormone can stimulate uterine contractions, which may lead to miscarriage.We interviewed experts involved in the endocrine system during preg-

Breastfeeding twins: double position "under his arm."

Breastfeeding twins: cross position "in the cradle."

nancy, and got the nod to breastfeeding: "The uterus unreceptive to hormonal stimulation of oxytocin to about twenty-four weeks of gestation.But not enough to cause the generic activities, if only has not come your delivery time and the cervix is ​​not ripe at a healthy uterus and cervix of oskitotsina.Many mothers feed during part of pregnancy or in its entirety, without causing any harm to themselves or to bear a child.However, if you have had multiple miscarriages or you feel during breastfeeding unusual uterine contractions, or if

your doctor advises you not to breastfeed because of your personal gynecological problems, better stop.If you have a high risk of preterm delivery, any stimulation of the nipples (even the shower washing the nipples) and orgasm should be avoided, since about the twentieth week of pregnancy, when activated oxytocin receptors "in the womb.

If your doctor has given you permission, here is what to expect.You may have a sore nipples, breast-feeding makes a rather unpleasant.You can negotiate with a child old enough or have recourse to a father who could wear around the house and entertain the younger the child, in order to reduce the frequency and duration of feedings to a level that you can sustain.There are some useful ideas from the next topic - weaning.Be prepared for the fact that in the last trimester or sooner your milk acquires a specific taste, and decrease the amount of milk produced in the second trimester.

Some mothers displayed a negative attitude towards breastfeeding one child when they are different, though not only your chest but your brain is telling you that it's time to wean.Like so much else in the parental care, if does not work, change.This is usually a time when the older child is ready for natural weaning, although some gentle soul (very timid mother, a very sensitive child) continue breastfeeding the entire pregnancy.

Note. Once, when I was pregnant with Erin, our very demanding daughter, Hayden, said: "I do not like milk anymore.I'll wait until the baby is born, and when the milk again becomes a delicious, then I'll take the breast. "When I nursed Erin throughout her pregnancy Matthew, somehow I began to try to find her, "Why do you want to breastfeed?There are in fact no milk, so "Her answer was:" I do not care » - and a smile from ear to ear?.Obviously, there was something that she needed, and that can not be measured in milliliters or drops. "