How to choose a child's bag

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

In the initial stage of their research, we realized that one of the reasons that Western mothers do not want their children to wear a long time, was the fact that the children's bags and backpacks, then available, were not easy to use.One of the reasons that the mother in other cultures are so many of their children is that they are made resembling sling bags, looking and in fact are part of the national costume.We recommend mothers or to find or make their own bag, which would be convenient for them and easy to use, and which would not allow their child to get out.When our eyes appeared a parade of mothers with their bags, which were toddlers and older children, we have to watch carefully for children and parents, pointing out which types of handbags and options for their use works best for most pairs mother - the child most of the time.After a few years of observations of these pairs, we came to the same, that the mother in other cultures known since ancient times and that Western women are now beginni

ng to discover anew - type sling bag (bag-sling) fits best.Choosing this type of bag, look for the following characteristics.

Security. The most important characteristic of any children's bag is safety.Bag sling should be how to support the child and not let him fall.

Comfort. Children's bag should be comfortable for both parent and child.A well-designed bag should evenly distribute the severity of a child between the shoulders and hips of the parent, and not to load only the back and neck.The bag should be shot down for the convenience of soft material is at all points of contact with the body, particularly along the back of the wearer and shoulder, and at the edges, which are pressed against the body and legs of the child.

versatility. Look for a bag that can be used from birth up to two years at a minimum, thus solving the problem of buying a series of bags as the child grows.Restless, tormented child colic rarely expresses pleasure when it is worn all the time in the same position.Bags in which the child turns out to be pressed against the mother's breast is often too limited a child who, like most of us prefer to have a 180-degree view of the world around him.The illustrations in this article show the different positions that the child can take in the universal sling-bag.

Easy to use. integral feature of human nature is the fact that if something is inconvenient to use, we do not burden themselves with it.Fathers in particular shy away from the children's bags with multiple buckles and a plurality of straps.Properly designed sling bag can be adjusted with the baby with one hand placed in it without disturbing the baby.Another important characteristic of a good bag is the ability to remove it from themselves easily and without the risk of leaving the baby inside - a remarkable maneuver when you need to shift the baby to sleep in a crib or transmit child with another nurse.

Ease of breastfeeding.

We often hear from mothers that they have to remove the child from the bag to feed the breast.Feed bag is usually difficult due to the many buckles and straps, and in addition, it deprives intimacy.But with a bag-Slit-d, you can easily and seamlessly feed her baby without removing it.The intimacy of the feeding when the baby wear, creates harmony during feeding.Hungry Child can quickly make

to the chest, before he starts impatiently demand feeding, after which it can be quietly pleased to plunge into sleep, still staying in the bag.Using the bag as a shield allows you to meet the need for child feeding at the wrong time for this when you just can not find a quiet, secluded place, or when you can not sit down (for example, when you stand in line at the grocery store).

Ask for advice on the selection and use of bag-in Sling with experience in children's wear parents.Take different models at a time or to rent and are testing before settling on the most suitable for you and your baby.You do not just choose a children's bag - you make a contribution to the approach to the parent caring for the child.Children's bags - a device for bestowing child care and kindness;bags, slings parents facilitate the process of gaining the lost art of wearing children and make it more beneficial to the child.