When to wean

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

We plaque hanging in the office of "Early weaning children is not recommended."If you look at parental care as a long-term contribution, why sell its possibilities?The time for weaning comes when reduced demand for sucking - somewhere between nine months and three and a half years.Medically speaking, nutritionists and pediatricians recommend breastfeeding at least until the child is one year, and that one year is not required.Many children, if given the opportunity to choose to breastfeed longer.Nutritionists and pediatricians recommend breastfeeding at least until the year because at that time most of the children are already out of the age, when threatened by food allergies, and may well grow on alternative power.Weaning - it is a personal choice.In fact, when one or both members of the pair's mother - the child ready, it's time to wean.

Weaning before the child's first birthday

Does weaning up to a year, you do not score a hundred points on a scale of parental love?No!

There may be a forced li

fe situation choice may be circumstances beyond your control, as well as medical problems that require early weaning.In addition, sometimes it happens that a child has really ready for weaning before he turns a year, although this is an exception to the rule.

Breastfeeding after the first birthday

If you are breastfeeding longer than a year, you may be wondering whether you are a child, not too sharpened you have a sense of ownership, or if you do not mess up.child too dependent.Spoils something (or someone), if it is left unattended on the shelf - then spoiled.How do you say any woman with experience of breastfeeding, the child receives breast anything, but not is left unattended.This is followed by the myth of excessive dependence.Be prepared for the fact that the advisers-gooders few shake your confidence with their exclamations: "How!You still breastfeed "Such statements demonstrate a lack of understanding that the year-old child - is a little man with enormous needs.As experience and research have shown that the longer breastfeeding does not lead to dependence Article Health Department to protect prolonged breastfeeding

Dr. Antonia Novello said about the importance of breastfeeding.The magazine «Parade» on November 11, 1990 she wrote: "Mother's milk is the ideal food for children because in addition to providing the child the most essential nutrients, it also contains white blood cells and proteins that help fightgastrointestinal, respiratory and ear infections.American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding of children up to a year. "(And happy is he a child, I think that continues to receive breast up to two years.)

dence.All just the opposite.As we mentioned in Article 1, children who feel a deep affection of parents (the ones that do not are weaned too soon), actually grow more independent, to part with their mothers more easily enter into a new relationship with more confidence, without fear,they actually easier to teach discipline.

If breastfeed years seems strange to you, ask yourself this question: who is horrified at the sight of a child of two years, is still not part with a bottle?The need to suck may not disappear for a long time in many children, whether they are getting a breast or bottle.The need that is satisfied, disappears.The need for that has not received satisfaction, may emerge later, accompanied by problems.