Incubation of the baby's father : how to enter the share

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

As a father and a certified carrier, I think it is very important that the child used, and to his father's treatment.Gait father has a different rhythm, and that a variety of children appreciate.The provisions of "clinging to his chest" and "clinging to his neck," are favorite terms hatching fathers children.

Regulation "clinging to the neck."

Arrange the child in the position of "clinging to his chest" and tighten it up a little to his head lay comfortably in the recess of your neck, and you covered it with his chin.Here you also find one of the most comfortable and Momental Safety when wearing baby in a bag

Baby bags made known manufacturers have been tested for safety, but the great importance here is the human factor.Wearing your baby, keep the following guidelines for its safety:

• As long as you get used to wearing a baby in a bag, hold it by hand.During training, maintaining the child becomes instinctive hands - just as the woman holds hands a bulging belly during pregnancy.Once you

gain a lot of experience, you will be able to carry the baby in a bag without any risk, with one or both hands free.

• While the child very tiny and lies "in the cradle" position, put one of his hands (usually the one that is on the opposite side of shoulder pads and rings) along the upper rim of the bag.This additional protection will not let your child fall out while you get used to using a bag.

• When you carry the baby in a position facing forward, support him with their hands crossed on the front side of the bag (or one hand, if the child is turned to the side).

• Wearing a baby on her hip, make sure that the upper rim bag was pulled on the child's back at least to the level of the shoulder blades.Fans love to hog practice dives backwards, when they are in this position.If the bag restrains the movement of the child, it disaccustoms him from such antics.

• Children love to squirm after year and sometimes even get up in the bag.Properly Hold the child when he throws out such tricks.

• Do not wear your baby when cooking at the stove, ride a bike or car.Baby bags are not a replacement child car seats tested.

• Avoid sudden twists of the body.Many children dropped out when his mother suddenly unfolded to do something (for example, save them from the danger of an older child), and "forgot" that carry baby.As a precaution, repeat this exercise: sharply turn the upper body to take something, and simultaneously bow your child a second hand.Often, this reaction training, you will instinctively pick up your child with one hand and reaching for something else.

• When you carry the baby and you need to bend down, bend your knees, not the waist, and hold the child is in the bag with one hand, lifting something else.

• Children from one to two years, when you wear them in a bag, have almost the same within reach, that you can grab and dangerous or fragile items from the shelves.Stay at arm's length from the potentially dangerous objects.

• Passing through the door, or around corners, be careful and see that your child does not seem to fit outside of your hands and do not hit the wall or the door frame.

• Avoid hot drinks, while wearing a child, although there is a baby in the bag can be quite.In fact, some mothers, if not eat, holding the baby in a bag, they would have starved to death.

Regulation "clinging to the neck» - favorite position to bear a child of their fathers.

but presenting child solace wearing models.In the "clinging to his neck," the father of the mother has a slight advantage.Children hear not only the ears, but also sensing the vibration of the bones of his skull.If you will press the baby's head to his throat, which is located in front of the neck, and will hum and sing songs to your child, then a slower, more easily caught by the vibration of low male voices lull the baby, and he fell asleep.Catching up with her baby and shaking his croon some quiet song.

Another advantage of this provision is that the child feels the warm air that enters from your nose to the skin of his head.(Experienced mothers have long known that sometimes just enough to breathe on his head or face of a child, to reassure him. They call it "the magic breath.") My kids loved the position of "clinging to his neck," more than any other position, and I do too.Fathers, do not miss his share in the family art of wearing children.

Warm and fluffy. exclusively for the male version of the provisions of "clinging to his chest," attach the ear of the child to his heart - bare skin to bare skin.The combination of the rhythm of your heartbeat to the movement of your breasts plus the feeling of abdominal breathing and the rhythm of your walk teaches the child to the father's unique treatment.If the baby falls asleep in the warm and fluffy dad (which is usually the case), lie down with your child and went to sleep together (see. "How to lull the child").

My own experience is similar.I felt quite a climb, when you first put Stephen to his neck, firmly strapped to his chest, and went with him for a walk.As we walked together, I felt a sense of completeness.Sometimes I wear it for hours on end.I feel that all is well, when we are together, and that something is wrong (or what is missing), when we were apart.These feelings are usually peculiar to mothers with children.I, too, wanted a piece of this pie.The more I wore Stephen, the more confidently we both felt, experiencing different positions.The more he liked it, the more I liked it, and the more we enjoyed the joint stay.