When the child are other

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

Although the children love to wear their parents, they better get used to the nurses if they wear them in a bag, to which they have long been accustomed."Home" for a small child in a bag.Brian, one of the kids we have observed, called sum-ku-sling "my little house."

bag and nanny

Parents of children with high demands often recognized us, they are afraid to leave their children with someone stranger, because no one else knows how to calm their own children.Children with high needs who are accustomed to the fact that they are in the bag, the nurse reassure easier if she would be wearing them.Barbara, a busy mom whose only hope of survival was to wear his demanding children, told the following story: "Jay-dream so happy when lying in the bag, I feel calm, briefly leaving him with a babysitter.

Sometimes, if I hurry, I met a nurse at the door, I handed her Jays right-on bag - like a stick in the relay - and she continues to wear it instead of me.It did not come to act up, and I feel better knowing th

at everything goes as he likes. "

Bag and older children

When we, adults, babies wear, we set an example to their older children, accustoming them to the fact that large are small.future children and grandchildren rather choose a parent approach that they have experienced or witnessed that.For example, our children sometimes "wore" his puppet in makeshift diaper bags, because they saw that we often carry a newborn baby.The effect of the formation in the child's understanding of the representation of the mother and child relationship once returned to us, when our six-year old daughter, then, Hay-den, the teacher asked to draw a mother with her child.She portrayed the two of them as a single entity.She knew that, at least in the first months of life, the mother has a child, and the two of them constitute an indivisible whole.

Special groups: teenagers and sailors

Teenage girls are usually willing to children, but this style of child care is not easy to teach

teenage boys.This is how our son Peter at the age of fourteen years addicted to wearing a bag of his then two-month brother, Stephen.Martha asked to hold a conversation with a group of wives of military personnel on the local naval base.The topic - how to get their men to be more involved in child care.March offered to try the bag-khaki slings.What it was done.And fathers loved to wear bags in their "little sailors."Peter, who was interested in the army of the time, could not wait when he will be able to wear a protective bag and carry it in his little brother.

It is very important to educate boys in the tender.What a warm feeling spreads through the heart when you see the men and boys who care about kids.