How to lull a child in a bag

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

time nine o'clock, and you're tired, but your child is not.Comfortably arrange her baby in a bag and walk around the house until he falls asleep.

parents preparing for the appearance of their first child can remain in error and be sure that the child falls asleep in the following way: at a certain intended for this time half-awake baby is put to bed, kiss him in

cheek, turning off the lights and gofrom the room.The child falls asleep easily, without causing anyone any trouble.It happens only in books and films, or at any other parents, but rarely in real life.Most children want or need to be lulled, holding in her arms.Wearing the bag allows the child to easily move from a state of wakefulness to sleep.

When you feel that a child is ready to go to sleep (or you are willing to ensure that he fell asleep in the bed), carry it in a bag in a position which, as you know from my own experience, the last thing excites him and the best tunesa dream.Walk around the house.Try to go to breastfeed.When your chil

d is plunged into a state of deep sleep (which is recognized by the fixed face and languid, distribution

slablennym limbs), bend over the bed so that the child turned out to be lying on the bed, and gently vyskolznite out of the bag.Leave the baby on the bed right in the bag, using it as a blanket.If a child is better to sleep on your side, place a bag between the child and the bed to the child is not rolled.Falling asleep, the baby may still be restless when you wear it to rock to sleep (this is called a period of rapid eye movements - a superficial stage of sleep when the baby is likely to wake up, if you put it and try to sneak out of the room).If this happens, keep the child in the position of "clinging to his chest," and lie down on the bed, holding it in his chest is still in the bag.Your rhythmic heartbeat and breathing movement lull a child, and he was deeply asleep, and then you can roll over and slip out of the bag and the baby it usually continues to sleep.Motion sickness bag is particularly effective if the child is reluctant to fall asleep during the day.Sometimes it helps if you leave a child in the "pressed to his chest," that you could both sleep together.During daytime sleep it can be executed on the floor, on the couch or in any place where the child and the one who wears it, and can comfortably get to take a nap for an hour.