Sucking fingers

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Problems Of Infancy

Sucking fingers - it is a problem about which there is no consensus.I'll tell you what we know, and will express some assumptions.It is believed that this is a bad habit.So the mother when the child first begins to suck on a finger, trying to stop him until it "has become a habit."But we know now that this is not a habit, at least initially.The main reason that the baby begins to suck his thumb, apparently, that the breast or bottle with a pacifier does not satisfy his sucking instinct.Dr. David Levy has shown that children who are fed every three hours, suck your finger less than those who are fed through four, and that children who have feeding time will be shortened from 20 minutes to 10 (because the nipple is too softened and became old) is more likely to start sucking fingers than those which feed is still 20 minutes.Dr. .Levi fed litter of puppies from a pipette, so that they did not have the possibility of sucking during feeding.And puppies behave just like children who do not have enough of su

cking during feeding.Puppies sucked legs - their own and others, sucking the skin so much that he went to her hair.If your baby has started to suck his fingers on the hand, it seems to me, it is not necessary to stop him;better to give him the opportunity to breastfeed longer, or a pacifier with a bottle or pacifier.It is necessary to consider two factors: the number of times the child eats and what occupies each feeding.

When pay time-sucking fingers.Pay time Sucking fingers is necessary at the outset, rather than when the child gets used.I emphasize this, because in the first months of life the child is poorly controlled movement of the arms.You can see how he struggled to raise his hand and looking her mouth.If he can bring his fist to his mouth, he starts to vigorously suck it up and sucks until the fist is in his mouth.Such a child, like the one that sucks the toes shows that it lacks the suckling and that it needs to be longer to keep the breast or from a bottle with a nipple.

most in need of help a child in the first three or four months, because at this time it is experiencing very strong need to suck.In subsequent months, this demand is gradually reduced.Some children become indifferent to sucking in seven months, while others - only a year.

instinct of sucking in infants is different forces.One child sucks never longer than 15 minutes and at the same time never puts a finger in her mouth, and another 20 minutes and fed intensively sucks his thumb.Some children begin to suck your finger immediately after birth and continue to do so.It seems to me that a strong sucking instinct in some families, hereditary.

If a child sucks his thumb a few minutes before feeding. Do not worry.He probably does it to death.But when he starts to suck immediately after feeding and constantly suck between feedings, you need to think about a way to satisfy his sucking instinct.Most children begin to suck his fingers before they reach three months.

I might add that it should not be mixed with thumb sucking is that most children begin to chew on fingers or hands when they are teething (usually at the age of three to four months).Of course, a child who sucks his fingers *, also chews them, when there are teeth.

thumb sucking during breastfeeding. I have the impression that the child is breastfed less often sucks his fingers.Perhaps it is because the mother gives him suckle as he wants.She does not know when the desolation in her chest, and gives it to the child to decide.And when the child drinks all the bottle, it stops sucking.Stops, because he does not like to suck air or because mom takes the bottle.So, the first question that arises is the child's breastfeeding, sucking thumb: if it is to breastfeed longer if you allow it?If so, let sucks 30 or even 40 minutes if you want.A child receives a large part of the milk for the first 5-6 minutes;rest of the time he meets a sucking instinct, attracted a trickle of milk.In other words, if he sucks 35 minutes, the milk will get just a little more than 20 minutes.If the child is let to breastfeed as much as necessary, the results are strikingly different.In one feeding him enough for 10 minutes, the second - 40 and more.This is an example of how breastfeeding meets the individual needs of the child.

If a child receives at each feeding one breast and not longer wants nothing you can do about it.HO if it receives at each feeding both breast and continues to suck his thumb, another problem arises.Assume usually sucks ten minutes of one breast and then proceeds to the second.Of the second breast, he can get as much milk that his stomach is full five minutes.Therefore, it is no longer there, although not yet granted a sucking instinct, and therefore begins to suck his thumb.There are two ways to get him to breastfeed longer.Try to check if he has enough milk from one breast during feeding, if you let him suck longer.If he feels full so do not let a little longer still sucks first chest.Let remained at the first breast, not ten minutes, and 20, if he wants.Potom attach it to the second breast, let sucks too much as he wants.

Sucking fingers when artificial feeding. usually bottle-fed baby begins to suck his thumb when getting used to empty the bottle is not 20 minutes, but for 10. This is because it is growing, becoming stronger and rubber nipple - is weaker.No matter how much time he spent on any bottle, you must first change the nipple, leaving holes in it, which is, and see whether it will not extend the time of feeding.Of course, if the hole in the nipple is too small child can throw all suck.Try to make a hole such that the bottle was enough for 20 minutes

at least in the first six months.I'm talking about the real-time feed.If you are in the middle of feeding a break for a few minutes, this time should not be uchivyvat.

If you have strong child, it can devastate a small bottle for 10 or 12 minutes, even if the nipple completely new and holes in it not extended. If so, buy a "blind" nipple.They are available without any holes.Burn a hole in them yourself using a red-hot needle.Start with a thin needle and hold it for long, then check as follows milk or formula.

have bottles with screw plastic caps have a special hole in edge of the air inlet.You can slow down the milk out of the bottle so if tightly wrapped cover.It partially inhibits entry of air, creating a vacuum in the bottle area.

If a child sucks his thumb, do not rush to reduce the number of feedings. satisfaction sucking instinct depends not only on the duration of feeding, but also on the number of daily feedings.Therefore, if you extended the feeding and the child continues to suck his fingers, it is reasonable not to hurry with the reduction in the number of feedings.For example, if a child is able to sleep for three evenings a ten-feeding, but it is constantly sucking fingers, I would suggest to wait a bit before you give up this feeding, - maybe a couple of months, if he eats, when he was awakened.The same applies to the transition from four-time feeding to three times a day.

As a thumb-sucking affect the growth of teeth. Perhaps you are worried about how to thumb-sucking affect the growth of teeth.Indeed, children who suck their thumbs, often upper front teeth protrude slightly forward and slightly lower reach back.Changing the bite depends on how long the baby sucks his fingers, and even more on what position your finger in his mouth.But dentists believe that the slope of primary teeth does not affect the occlusion of the permanent teeth, which grow at about the age of six.In other words, if a child under six years old stops sucking fingers - and in most cases it happens - is very unlikely that it will cause permanent damage to the teeth.

But regardless of this, you, of course, would like to have your child stop sucking his fingers.The proposals I have outlined above will help you put an end to it.

Why you should not use the limited funds. Why not tie the hands of the child or not to put your fingers on the aluminum caps to prevent them from sucking?Firstly, it would anger the child that - theoretically - is harmful for him.Secondly, it is not usually heals by sucking habits fingers.We've all heard about the desperate mothers who put in the hands of children tire or metal caps, smeared their fingers unpleasant taste substances - and not a day or two, but for months.But as soon as they were filming restrictions finger he found himself in the mouth.However, some mothers say that the limitations have given good results.But in most of these cases, the child already sucked the finger is not too often.Most babies suck their thumbs at times.And quickly wean from it, even without your efforts.I personally believe that the restrictions only encourage baby sucking fingers longer.

thumb sucking in older children. Until now we talked about children who suck their thumbs in the first months of life.By the year Sucking fingers becomes something completely different for a child.It is something like a consolation he needs from time to time.He sucks his fingers, when tired, or when he is bored, or when he is angry, or to sleep.When he can not cope with the problem in an adult, he seems to be receding in infancy when sucking gave him such joy.

Even after a year of sucking fingers meet other needs of the child, making it is the same child who is up to a year to satisfy the sucking instinct.It is very rare that the child first started to suck his fingers after a year.

Of course, we can not treat one, two or three year old child by the same means that the baby, that is, extending the time of sucking the breast or bottle.What can parents do?I think they have nothing to do if the child is generally cheerful, happy, calm and busy and sucks a finger only at bedtime or during the day long.On the other hand, if he sucks a lot of time, replacing him play, parents should think about why the child should be constantly reassure themselves.Perhaps the child is bored, because little is seen with other children or because he did not have enough toys.Or maybe it has to spend hours sitting in a wheelchair.A child in a year and a half may be angry with the mother, if it all day forbids him to do what he was particularly attracted to, instead of helping him to find an interesting game.The other child has companions for games and have the freedom to play at home, but he was too timid to take advantage of it.So he watches the other children and sucks with a finger.I'm not saying that every child sucking a finger, there are such problems.Even in the happiest and well adapted to the environment the children are hard times, and many small children who regularly suck their thumbs as if not need any changes in their treatment;in fact they are very happy.I want to emphasize that if something can be done with respect and sucking fingers, is to try to make a child's life better and more interesting.

What has been said above also applies to children who suck or chew blankets angle collar shirt, when asleep, or bored, or when they are alone.

tires on hands, metal caps on fingers and substance with a bad taste only make the child miserable, but will not stop it, and they are older, they do not stop baby.I think that, on the contrary, these tools reinforce the habit.The same can be said if you scold the child or force pull his finger out of his mouth.I remember the story of Anne, which is itself stopped sucking her thumb in three years.Six months later, he returned her uncle George, who used to live with them and constantly scolded her for that habit.And as soon as he came in the house, Anne immediately started sucking his finger again.You often hear the recommendation that it is necessary to give a child a toy, when he sucks his thumb.Of course, the child should be enough interesting items with which he could play, so he did not miss.But if every time he stick his finger in his mouth, you give him an old toy, it quickly will solve your cunning.And what if the bribe child?Let's say your child is one of those few who sucks his thumb at the age of five years.You, of course, worry, think of the harm it will cause permanent tooth.You have the option to bribe the child, unless the offer a good bribe.If a girl 4-5 years sucking her fingers, she can stop, if you allow it to make up the nails as an adult woman.But almost none of the children two or three years is not enough willpower to refuse instinct, no matter how great was the reward.You will only worsen the situation, but will not get anywhere.

So if your child sucks his thumb, make sure that his life became better.Perhaps the case will help, if from time to time to repeat the child that he will grow big and stop sucking his fingers.This friendly encouragement will help him do away with the bad habit as soon as he is able.But do not abuse it.And above all - do not think about it.If you continue to worry after decide not to say anything, the child will feel your anxiety and will react accordingly.Remember that the habit of sucking fingers eventually disappear anyway.In most cases, it goes until the permanent tooth.But it does not just disappear.Some time like disappears and then returns, especially in times of illness or when the child is to be a difficult habit to something.And just in time it disappears forever.It rarely occurs to three years, but usually stops sucking between three and six years.

stroking and other movements. Most children who suck thumbs up to a year, get some other habits.One-third or pulls a blanket or a diaper or cloth toy.Another tugged at his earlobe or the hair.Third presses to face some kind of cloth or petting your nose and mouth with a finger.These movements will remind you how the baby touched the mother's breast or her clothes when sucked.And when he pulls something to a person, if he remembers that once pressed against his chest.These habits usually disappear with the thumb sucking.

If a child is very attached to some of the old cloth or a soft toy, which cuddle when thumb sucking, the mother who takes care of propriety, may be alarmed because it looks ugly.She will probably be able to pick up the rag or a toy for a few hours, wash it and dry it, but apart from this it can not do much.Sometimes a child can replace old thing new, exactly the same, but rarely.Considering what a comfort and a sense of security brings a child to an old thing, I think it would be wrong to select it from him by force.He abandons her when older.He will outgrow this habit - but gradually, with interruptions and digressions.

¬ęGum." Sometimes the child appears a habit of sucking and chewing their own language as long as the food is eaten before it again will not appear in his mouth (as do the cows).This habit is called "chew gum."It's pretty rare habit.Sometimes it occurs when the baby hands are tied, so it does not suck fingers.Instead, he starts sucking language.I strongly advise you in this case to immediately allow the baby to suck on your finger, before the "chewing gum" has become his habit.At the same time, make sure that he has enough of society, opportunities to play and affection.It is said that the food is better retained in the stomach if it is provided in solid form.You will have such a child to give milk only in the puddings and porridges.