Breastfeeding in the bag

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

In the last ten years, most mothers choose breastfeeding their babies.Bag allows you to breastfeed your baby on the move, so that busy mother can give their children the best food and still lead an active lifestyle.


It's convenient.Breastfeeding in the bag facilitates the mother's life "marathon", a child who is in the first months of life requires the chest continuously, for example in the period of intensive growth.If a mother gives her child the breast directly to the bag, it will allow it to remain mobile and do housework, while satisfying the need of the child feeding.It is convenient and out.If you go with your child for shopping and there is a need to feed in public, to ensure the privacy of feeding is very easy, if you carry a child in a bag.Because the child feels comfortable in the bag, he happily takes the chest here, even in a crowded place.March held a few hours to feed the baby in a bag when standing in line at the cash register at the grocery store.Breastfeeding in the bag is

especially relevant in restaurants and similar establishments, where the child is not always socially acceptable.Owners of restaurants will prefer that the child discreetly breastfeed than others annoyed shrieks.In addition, children who are in public places in bags, usually less concerned and therefore meet a warm welcome - especially in a society in which young children are traditionally not welcome everywhere.

It organizes children with sucking problems. Some babies breastfeed better on the move, especially those who have problems with sucking and movement which is required for the organization of sucking movements.Tensions children (with the disorder sucking movements, called tonic bites) and amateurs hog most of the sucking chest is much better in the bag, since the wearing of the bag has a positive effect on their entire physiology.When relaxing the entire body of the child, and relax the muscles involved in sucking movements.If a child sucks on a better course, first arrange the child in a bag, to achieve the correct capture of the chest, and then quickly begin to walk.

This allows the mother to take better care of older children. Breastfeeding bag is especially valuable when the addition of the newborn in the house and have an older child.Feeding the baby in the bag, the mother has mobility and is able to pay attention also to the second child.As one mother said: "Breast-feeding our newborn in the bag gives me an extra pair of hands to play with the older child, and to enjoy communion with him.Bag works wonders, removing older child jealous of the youngest, and allows me to be a good mother to the two children. "

This helps the child not gaining weight.In their practice when breastfed baby is not gaining weight, significantly lagging behind the standards and

we have considered all the possible reasons for this, we see amazing results when we recommend mothers to carry their children at least a few hours a day and at the same timebreastfeed.Mother reported that the children then take the breast more often and suck more relaxed and the weight increases dramatically.This again confirms what researchers have long known: the proximity to the mother stimulates the baby to take the breast more frequently.In addition, perhaps the mother-to-child intimacy allows her and forces her to better interpret the signs of the child when he asks for feeding, and respond to them immediately.In addition, because the child is always close to the source of milk and comfort does not have to expend energy, begging his mother to come to him;a child can use the energy for growth.

provisions for breastfeeding in a bag

Regulation "in the cradle" - a common position for breastfeeding in a bag child of any age.However, the bag itself does not keep enough child pressed against the chest to ensure proper capture it.It is necessary to maintain a free hand to the child, so that it remains close enough to the chest.To do this, put your hand on the outside of the bag under his head and the back of the child, and the child has to lie on his side,

to his face looked at your breasts, and he did not have during feeding to keep your head in the tilted position.His other arm, you can stick in a bag to give the baby the breast.The mother can continue to support your breasts, or if it needs a free hand, she can tuck under the chest clean diaper gauze or a small towel to his chest remained on the child's level.

Regulations "under his arm."In the first months of life the child may prefer feeding in the "armpit".Modifying the position of "clinging to his chest", move the child to "in a cradle on the side" so that his head was in front of your chest, and his legs were bent and were under your arm on the same side as the breast, which you are going to feed.Now the mother can hand which turned the side bags, to keep the head and the back of the baby close to your chest and push your other hand into the bag to help the baby to take the breast properly.This provision is particularly useful in the early weeks of breastfeeding, when children are still learning to take the breast.If some of the children to bend down closer to him, it helps them to suck better and keep the breasts in the correct position for longer.This is particularly useful for the amateur hog arc -

in this position securely holds your hand on his back and, as a rule, does not allow him to dive back.

Regurgitation.To give the child vomit, go from the "armpit" to "pressed to his chest," that the child took a vertical position.The pressure of your chest to his belly, plus a cautious tapping on the back (in addition to the fact that in this situation the child is closely pressed) will help the child vomit.