Ear pain in a child

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

Almost every child in one time or another experienced pain in the ears.Symptoms of various diseases of the ear seem identical.But there are peculiarities and differences, and parents should be aware of them.

For example, pain in the ears, which occurs after a cold or in connection with it, is usually caused by an infection of the middle ear.If the pain occurs when you touch the ear, marked tingling, or discharge from the ear, then the pain is likely caused by infection of the outer ear.This diagnosis is especially likely if the child has a lot of swimming.

Sometimes the child complains of toothache or pain in the jaw, but the underlying condition is associated with inflammation in the ear.

Toddlers who can not tell you about the nature or the source of his discomfort, the pain signal can be expressed in the ears of excessive or painful sensitivity to the constant grasping the ear.Children are crying, shaking his head or hit himself with his hands on his head.On the other hand, the baby can simply pinc

hing his ear with no signs of discomfort, perhaps only because, for the first time found himself or ears so he responds to the irritation of the ear canal with water or gray.

Possible causes

One of the common causes of pain, especially boys younger than three years old, is a middle ear infection, otitis media (otitis media).In this disease, the Eustachian tube which connects the middle ear to the throat, is blocked and behind the eardrum accumulated liquid.This can lead to infection.

Strong blowing the nose can also cause pain in the ear, as this infected mass moves through the Eustachian tube into the cavity behind the eardrum.

Another cause of pain is "swimmer's ear" - an infection of the outer ear canal, which can be contracted in a swimming pool.ear canal can swell and become soft and red;It felt a throbbing pain, a feeling of blockage of the ear.

Possible causes of pain in the ear can be jamming of a foreign body in the ear, in the ear of impact effects and swelling.

Pain in the ear can occur from the temporary stay in the cold, with the rise of the elevator, in-flight, colds, allergies, too active chewing gum or due to the grinding of the teeth during sleep.

We must strictly adhere to the doctor's instructions carefully to give the child medication, including antibiotics.They should give the child within a clear 10-day period for skipping a dose can delay healing or cause infection returning.

Again under the supervision of a doctor can give a child acetyl minofen and ear drops that will facilitate pain.The child may feel better if we impose on the ear or on the neck of a cold compress, and sometimes - with a towel warmer inside.

To put a hot compress on the ear, it is necessary to prepare in advance the warm water or diluted alcohol, camphor oil or sunflower oil, a piece of cloth, folded in several layers, wax paper, cotton wool and a bandage.The paper make a midline incision is made on the size of the child's ear.Cloth moisten in water, wring out and apply to the skin around the ear.Cover with waxed paper (also with a cut ear) and cotton wool so that each subsequent layer overlaps the first 2-3 cm, and tightly fix the rounds of bandage to his head.Compress tied for 2-4 hours.At night, it is not desirable to set.

doctor examines the appearance of the child's ear.Often, inflammation, discharge and other symptoms confirm the diagnosis of infections of the middle or outer ear, the presence of a foreign body, scratch, boil or abscess.The doctor will turn the ear in different directions to determine the presence of pain in the ear canal.With the otoscope, he will examine the ear canal and eardrum.

In rare cases, when the survey does not show the cause of the disease, the doctor may suggest a consultation with a dentist or an otolaryngologist.

middle ear infection or other bacterial disease require the administration of antibiotics.In most cases, the infection can be cured in two weeks, but some children need repeated course of antibiotics for the treatment is completed.Local widely used drops that the doctor prescribes.Before instillation of drops into the ear of the ear canal to be cleaned.Drops warmed to body temperature.Place the child on the opposite side to the patient's ear.To straighten ear canal ear with his left hand to pull back and up and enter a few drops of a solution assigned.The child must maintain the position adopted by 10-20 minutes.If assigned to a drop in both ears, it is not recommended to carry out this manipulation of time.Approximately half of the cases the child will recover in two weeks, but he will still go on the selection of fluid behind the eardrum (serous otitis media).This fluid causes a temporary weakening of the hearing, but usually takes one to three months.

If your child has three or more episodes of returns a middle ear infection, the doctor may prescribe a long course of antibiotic therapy at a reduced dose.This will help in the future to get rid of inflammation recurrence.But if this treatment will fail, you need to consult with an otolaryngologist.He probably will insert a ventilation tube in the eardrum to the middle ear flushing and remove the pus.

It should be borne in mind that the "swimmer's ear" infection associated with the outer part.The doctor or the parents can cure this disease by cleaning the ear with alcohol or vinegar solution (rubbing alcohol or vinegar diluted with equal amounts of water).Use a tool common to instillation into the eyes (pipette).For more severe cases may require the appointment of ear drops.They contain antibiotics and corticosteroids.They are used after the doctor will clean the ears of a child.