Work wear and baby

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

Wearing baby in a bag great fit in a variety of lifestyles.It makes life easier for a busy mother.Mother in countries other cultures have created a variety of bags such as the bond because they need to carry their children with them when they work or when they need to leave the house.Mothers in the countries of Western culture are not sitting on the ground, only to act differently.

In addition, Martha nursed eight children, she also works as a consultant on breastfeeding and teaches courses breastfeeding.One day, just before the seminar, Matthew, who was then six months, completely irrelevantly raskapriznichalsya.Not wanting to cancel the activity and even less willing to leave Matthew at a time when it is especially in need of it, Martha took

it with him and carried our bag is read out 150 hour lecture pediatricians.After the mother and the child finished "their" lecture on "loving approach to the child care", one of the doctors came up to her and said, "What you did made a big impression than what y

ou are saying!"

Many mothers working outside the home is only part of the day, we were able to carry their children with them to work.This work is for sale, demonstration of goods, cleaning and working at the store, you can take the baby with you.Janice, the mother, whose duty is to perform the cleaning in their homes for several hours a day, is your child in a bag, while doing his job.One of our friends, a pediatrician, is her child to work at his office.Often the child on her as she conducts examinations on the day of a healthy child.Child wearing her assistants, she examines the patient, which can have a contagious disease.Combining work with wearing the baby allowed her to part with her newborn while continuing to work in the profession.

Most employers initially did not want to give permission to mothers bringing children with them to work, but we encourage them to try this option.Very often employers are finding that the mother, who was allowed to carry the baby at work, working more productively

as she appreciates the fact that she was given the opportunity to be close to the child.These mothers are making an extra effort to prove that they can perform two jobs simultaneously.One director even discovered that the child draws more customers to it, if they feel that because there is practiced a long-standing custom of wearing the baby and work here all right.Try it and see for yourself!

Carry out, dining out

How many times have you had to say, "I'd love to, but a small child ..." After a couple of months, some mothers there claustrophobia.No line in the mother's contract is not with the child says that you should stay home and become a recluse after the baby is born.But just given birth to a woman is not usually ready to leave with someone your child to get out of the house.Wearing baby in the bag allows you to take your child with you.

When our son Stephen was two months, we were invited to a formal event in a suit.Rather than decline the invitation, as usual come new parents, we took Stephen to himself and wore it in the luxury fashion handbags, and all three of us had a wonderful time.From time to time pacifying breast, Stefan was lying peacefully in the bag all three hours.Stefan did not bother anyone, and sometimes even became the center of attention.In others such things at first appeared puzzled expression on his face, as if they were puzzled: "What is in it wearing a" puzzlement gave way to admiration."Oh, it's a child, how cute!" By the end of the evening, when the guests noticed how glad we were that solved the problem with the baby bag in the hall reigned universal benevolence.The baby in the bag was not only social approval, but admiration.

Here's another scenario.Soon her husband says after the baby is born, "Honey, how about a date?Let's go to a restaurant. "His wife answers: "But we can not keep the baby."How to solve this dilemma?Wearing baby in a bag.Children behave quietly in restaurants if they are in the bag.They rarely start to cry, and usually they can be seen but not heard.Children can in this case, discreetly breastfeed and rarely disturb the peace of the restaurant owner.