Troubles related breathing

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Problems Of Infancy

Sneezing. Children easily begin to sneeze.Sneezing is not usually associated with the common cold, if not accompanied by a runny nose.Usually it is caused by dust and dried mucus that collects in the baby's nose and tickles. Weak breathing. Young parents often disturbs breathing newborn, because it is often irregular and sometimes so weak that it can not hear and can not see.Parents can also alarmed when he first heard as a child snores during sleep easily.Both of these conditions are normal.

chronic noisy breathing occurs in some babies.In one case, the child snoring, but not in a dream, and while awake.It looks like a snoring is caused by the fact that the child has not yet learned to control the soft palate (palatal curtain).Over time he learns.

most common type of chronic noisy breathing is associated with the larynx.The fact that the epiglottis, the fleshy tissue of the vocal folds, in infants is so soft and flexible that it can sag and vibrate along with the vocal cords.This causes a loud sno

ring sound during breathing.Sound such as a child choking, but it can continue to breathe so indefinitely.In most cases, snoring is only when the child breathes deeply.But when the breath is shallow or when the child is asleep, snoring ceases.Sometimes snoring disappears when the child put on her stomach.It is necessary to consult a doctor, but treatment is not required and does nothing.Snoring disappears when the child gets older.

Shortness of breath that starts suddenly have an older child, it has a completely different nature than chronic noisy breathing.A possible reason could be the croup, asthma or other disease.Such breathing requires immediate medical intervention.

Every child with noisy breathing, chronic or acute, should be examined by a doctor.

Breath. Some children are very angry at the time and crying so hold their breath, which become blue.When this happens for the first time, parents are very scared.But in fact such seizures nothing show but the type of child temperament.Very often the same child at another time behaves quite normally.It should tell the doctor to the next visit he could check whether the child is physically healthy;in addition, you do not need anything.And it should not be because of such attacks to keep the baby from crying.If you each time to take him in her arms, the child will spoil.

Thymus (thymus) iron. You probably heard some say fear of the thymus.And consider that this iron is very dangerous.Sometimes, in very rare cases, when a child dies for no apparent reason, blame goiter.InFamous thymus at most on anything not based.This iron is present in every child.Normal size thymus slightly from the windpipe, but almost never cause any symptoms or trouble.Who it is considered to be unnecessary and even unwise to treat it with X-rays.

used to be that an increase in the thymus is the cause of sudden death.This misconception was caused by the fact that there was no clear understanding of the normal size of the gland.Now we know more about it;thymus have suddenly lost children of normal size.On closer study, it appears that the cause of sudden death is always unexpected infectious disease.

Therefore, do not worry because the thymus gland.And do not shine healthy newborn X-rays to determine its size.