Wearing baby in a bag during travel

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

bag provides protection for the child, if you shop or go to the road and find yourself in places with large crowds.When you

way through the shopping crowds or through the airport with a year-old baby in tow, you have to be nervous at the thought of what might happen if you even for a second release his hand (or release the wheelchair and distracted).In the year and two when the child begins to walk, to break out of your safe hands and explore the world around us, a bag holds the baby close to you in any situation where individual step child may be in danger.Have you ever noticed that the face of a child walking alone is exactly at the level at which people keep lighted cigarettes?Busy shoppers and people in airports often do not look, not cool if kids underfoot.Lift your child to a safe level, and J calm down - he will not run away without you.

Working parents around the world are constantly on the go, and a bag simplifies travel.During the journey from small children are constantly required to be pas

sed from one activity to another.With the use of the bag becomes easier transition (change in the situation or the transition from wakefulness to sleep).When you stand at the airport in the queue, the child in the bag is safe, in a relaxed atmosphere and feels great.If the child begins to express some displeasure in an airplane, carry it in a bag and walk through the aircraft cabin to entertain its visual stimulation.When a child is in a hotel room ready to sleep, lulled him to bed in a bag until he falls asleep.House for a child where mum and dad, and a bag serves as a constant reminder of the "house."This makes it easier to adapt to the new environment and makes traveling more enjoyable for the whole family.

Here are a few other applications that bag sling can be found in the road:

Pillow. to feed her baby, or simply to put the child in her lap, baby bag can be easily folded and turned into a comfortable pillow.Fold the bag as she lay in the package, and you will have a comfortable cushion.

Litter changing. Put the bag on the floor or on a table dressing (do not leave your child unattended on the table), place the child's head in the sub-Plečnik - and you're done!You have a comfortable surface to change the diaper.At the time of dressing and place them under the child clean cloth diaper, so as not to stain the bag.

veil. From children's bags get a good travel blanket for an afternoon nap, discreet breastfeeding and heat.

in the car.In first months of life bumpers soft bags can be placed around the child's head in order to fix it on the trip.We transferred the baby in the bag from the house to the car, bent over the car seat and firmly laid the child on the child car seat using the bag as a backup for the head.Arriving at their destination, we removed the child from the seat directly in the bag and put it on yourself.For this purpose, two people are generally required maneuver.The first one is, raises a sleeping baby in a bag while the other throws the rest of the bag over his head.

In families with special circumstances or special needs children, carrying a baby in a bag removes part of the stress.