How to plant a mixture of

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

To prepare for the use of liquid and powder mixtures follow the following steps.The ready-to-use mixture can be poured directly into a sterile bottle, without diluting with water (before opening cans, wash her above).

• Boil the water from the tap or bottled water for five minutes.We do not recommend to use distilled water because it deprives the child of valuable minerals.Allow to cool, boiled water.

• Put six sterile bottles in a row and fill each recommended amount of cooled boiled water.Add the recommended amount of liquid or dry mixture.For example, if you use a liquid concentrate and 240 ml capacity bottle, pour 120 ml of water and 120 ml of liquid into each concentrate.

• Put all bottle nipples and caps, then remove them in the refrigerator.

• Preferably use the cooled mixture for twenty-four hours, for a maximum of forty-eight hours.

correct concentration

Never cook the mixture with a higher concentration than indicated in the instructions. Always add exactly

Tips for quick and easy

preparation and sterilization mixture

• Use feedings disposable plastic bags, which are fixed in a plastic holder;they are comfortable and minimize the number of swallowing air as a package in the course of feeding subsides.

• To sterilize bottles and teats use the dishwasher;use and ready-to-drink liquid mixtures.No need to boil water, no need to once again carry out sterilization is not required to measure the ingredients.

as much water as recommended by the manufacturer of the mixture.If you add too little water, the mixture will be too thick for the immature child intestine and kidney, and the child is dehydrated.Sometimes your doctor may advise you to further dilute the mixture with water in vomiting or diarrhea.Needless to dilute the mixture without the pediatrician's recommendations are not worth more than a couple of days, because it is too liquid mixture does not provide your child enough calories.

• Most children prefer that the mixture is slightly heated;hold the bottle a few minutes under hot running water.Drip itself slightly to the inner side of the wrist to check the temperature.

• To a child swallow as little as possible the air, tilt the bottle so that the entire nipple filled with milk, and the air went up to the bottom of the bottle.

• Keep your baby's head directly in relation to the body.If a child will drink, his head turned to the side or back head thrown back, it will be difficult to swallow.

• To have less tired arm, and the child saw you from different angles, change hands at each feeding.

• Watch for signs that the hole in the nipple is too large or too small.If a child is suddenly full mouth milk, he choked and nearly choking during feeding may milk flows too fast.Turn full bottle upside down and shake.If milk pouring jet instead of dripping, in the nipple hole is too large;throw the pacifier.If you see that the child is trying hard and quickly get tired of sucking, and his cheeks while sucking movements sink inside of a vacuum, a hole in the nipple may be too small (as mentioned above, milk should drip from the nipple as theat least one drop per second).

• Know when to back off.Children know when they are full.Resist the temptation to finish the bottle.If by the end of feeding the child deeply asleep, but not finished until the end of the bottle, stop.Often children towards the end of the bottle flow into light slumber, but continue to intermittently suck.They ate, but spoil yourself easy, "dessert" sucking pleasure.Remove the bottle and let your child suck on a few minutes of the tip of your finger.