Rash in a child

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Problems Of Infancy

Regarding rashes all consult with your doctor.You can easily make a mistake.

Bluish spots. Children with pale skin, when they undress, sometimes visible bluish spots.

Intertrigo. Most of the children in the first months of very sensitive skin.Most often suffer from lower body.Already in the nursing home, a child may appear diaper rash on the buttocks.This does not mean that the hospital acted negligently;just need extra skin care.The most common form of diaper rash - the appearance of red spots and dry areas of reddened skin.Sometimes the spots are inflamed, they appear pustules (white head or pustules).If diaper rash is strong, may appear on the skin irritation.

Intertrigo is caused mainly ammonia.It is sometimes mistakenly blame the baby diet.But no ammonia in urine.It is formed from the urine of bacteria that live in wet diapers and bed.In the case of diaper rash diaper should be boiled or dry them in the sun, or use a special antiseptic, which prevents bacteria to produce ammonia.

From time to time a few spots of diaper rash is almost all children.If diaper rash is weak and disappears as quickly as it appears, no special measures are not necessary.It is reasonable not to use waterproof panties, while there is diaper rash.Diaper rash ointments place protective grease.Zinc ointment and paste Lassara longer retained on the skin.Vaseline, baby cream and glycerin erased or absorbed too quickly to give protection.

If diaper rash lasts a few days or gets worse, the most important thing - to boil diapers or use antiseptic recommended by your doctor.If onrelost strong, it is equally important to boil all undershirts, sheets, pads, tight pants - general all where urine fell. (Some oilcloth can be boiled, but can not be washed with soap and water or rinse sanitizers.)

If diaper rash is strong, especially if there are many pustules, it is better not to use the ointment, and expose the affected area of ​​the skin for a few hours on the air (the child must be in thewarm room).You can cover up the chest and legs in two different light blankets.Placing it on a folded several times a diaper so that it absorbed the urine.Align diaper rash (with or without pustules) on the air - the best way to get rid of it.

If your child often develops severe diaper rash, experiment to determine what precautions are helping more any less: diapers drying in the sun, use in the final rinse of a special antiseptic, boiling diapers, the use of an ointment.If regular use of these methods or a combination thereof, typically helps.If deemed necessary, you can change a diaper, not only before or after feeding, but also between feedings.

If you use a special laundry but the washing diapers, you do not need to boil them.They have already been sterilized.In some laundries use a special antiseptic that kills bacteria that produce ammonia.

If diarrhea is severe diaper rash in the anus area.It is necessary to change diapers as soon as they are soiled, wipe oprelosti place butter and cover with a thick layer of zinc ointment.If this does not help, you need to remove the diaper in general and leave the lower part of the body in the air.

small rash on the face. There are several varieties of mild rashes that occur in children and the first few months.All of these species are not very different from each other and have no special names.First, tiny shiny white spots without any redness around.They look like tiny pearls on the skin.These spots are bound to disappear with time.Second, a group of small red spots or swellings on the cheeks.They may last longer and cause anxiety in the mother.Sometimes they turn pale and then blush again.Various ointments do not seem to help, but these spots disappear over time.Less common are rough red patches on the cheeks, which appear and disappear.

In the first weeks in infants may appear on the lips of the white voldyrki from sucking.Sometimes they exfoliate the skin.They go with the times and do not need special treatment.

Miliaria. Miliaria common in children on the shoulders and neck, when only the heat begins.Sudamen - a cluster of small pink pimples surrounded by pinkish skin.Sometimes tiny voldyrki formed, and when they dry, prickly heat is slightly reminiscent of a tan.Sudamen Usually begins in the neck.If it is strong, it can spread to the chest, back, behind the ears and on the face.She rarely disturbs the child.It can be several times a day to wipe the places affected by prickly heat, with a cotton swab dipped in baking soda solution (one teaspoon of baking soda in a clean cup of water).Another way - prickly heat powder, sprinkle cornstarch.But more important to try to keep your baby cool.Do not be afraid to undress him in hot humid weather.

Milk crust. Milk crust - a mild irritation of the scalp.It is quite common in the first months.There are scaly spots that appear to be dirty.It is best not to wash your hair with soap and water.It is better to wipe it with cotton wool with Vaseline or baby cream.If lubricated shelled places twice a day, it softens the crust, then it can be schesat frequent comb.If this does not help, consult your doctor.Lactic peel is rarely in a child older than a few months.