Children with a delay in weight gain .

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

child who is not gaining weight, also wins if the parents carry it in a bag.Some children, for various medical reasons, are gaining weight very slowly.In a pediatric and one of our own children, we used as a therapeutic agent to stimulate the growth of wearing of the bag.My doctor's prescription to parents is very simple: "Put your child in the morning and remove at night.Lulling him wearing in the bag before the day and night sleep.Wear it when you leave the house, and the house.Arrange to rest a long walk, grabbing a bag with her baby.This will benefit both of you. "

How is wearing in the bag as well as possible helps children grow?Movement brings great benefit to developing children.It has a soothing effect on them.They cry less and therefore direct the energy that would be spent on mourning growth.In addition, mothers proximity increases the frequency of feeding, which is another reason that the baby wearing stimulates its growth.Frequent feeding - a powerful stimulus for growth.Perhaps wearing incr

eases the production of growth hormones and enzymes that promote growth.This has been proven in animal experiments.I believe that in addition to all this stimulating effect of growth of the child wearing the bag helps children grow well also because it provides them an organizing action.It seems that all of the child's body begins to work better when the child wear.

disabled child. Parents often spend a lot of time and money for child stimulation techniques

and didactic activities for compensation of delay, whereas stimulation of the best available at the lowest price, right in front of them - the children's bag.Children with disabilities receive from wearing a special favor.Just imagine what kind of stimulation a child receives; he hears what you hear, see what you see, move as you move, because it is close to your ears, your eyes and your mouth.The child is constantly in contact.

Children suffering from cerebral palsy, which bend the arc and make sudden movements, obtained by carrying in a bag of great help.Fixed, bent position "in the cradle" or to "kangaroo" do not give the child to bend back.(See. "Bag promotes learning" later in this article.)

During our study of the influence exerted by the wearing of a child in a bag on children and parents, we found a lot of positive effects.Here is how this age-old custom of giving such effects.