Bag saves from crying and colic

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

parents often stated in my practice during our research: "My child is happy as long as I wear it."parents use the bag before whimsical children reported that their children seemed to have forgotten how to cry.Parents get more joy from their children, because the children were more than happy.Children were happy because they had less need to cry.The family became happier, and I'm happier because finally have a way to do so restless children were crying less.Inspired by this discovery of the old art of calming the child, I wondered why in the bag babies cry less, and whether other pediatricians noticed that if you carry the baby, he cries less?

In 1986, a group of researchers from Montreal released a study of ninety-nine mother-infant pairs, half of which came in the group that was asked to carry their children on their hands, or in the bag for at least three hours a day.In the control group, parents were asked to put the child in the crib so that they looked at the carousel or on a human face pictures, b

ut did not try to calm the child in her arms extended wearing.Children who were more tears and expressed concern at 43% less than those in the group in which their parents were not.An important feature of this study is that mothers encouraged their children to wear during the day, regardless of the child's condition and not only after the child begins to cry or complain. Usually in Western society take the child in his arms and carry after he burst into tears.

We studied the writings of anthropologists who have studied the practices of child care in other cultures.These researchers, one and all agree that children in countries where children are on her, cry less.In Western culture countries we measure the number of children crying in the day hours, whereas in other countries, cultures, it can be measured in minutes.We in Western countries tend to think that this is "normal" if the child is crying an hour or two a day, while in other countries this is not the accepted norm.Arriving on the basis of public opinion anthropologists to conclude that the more a child are, the less crying (as well as identifying this relationship by doing), we come to the next question: why?

Wearing baby encourages baby cries less, because it has a beneficial effect on the vestibular apparatus of the child, as described above.Vestibular stimulation (rocking, for example), has long been known from experience and careful research, is the best remedy for crying.Vestibular stimulation, which takes place while wearing the baby in a bag, calms the child, because it reminds him of the time spent in the uterus, allowing the child to remember the familiar sensations that are etched in his developing brain during life in the womb.Familiar takes over unfamiliar that surrounds him now.This removes the child's anxiety, and it has less need to cry.

Since the bag, which are the child, like the uterus so as soon as humanly possible, it provides just such parental care, which could dream of a child and help the child to adjust to the new environment.If all INDICATES stocks as you want, there is no need to be nervous.Child mastered with his foreign uterus, as he did

is in the inner womb.We may mistakenly believe the end of the assembly line labor, from which descends a tiny adult, ready to instantly adapt to the world.It will be easier to understand what is really going on, if we look at the newborn as something not carried through to the end, unfinished.Wearing the bag creates unity, to which the newborn was used, giving him a sense of well-being.Baby feels its value depending on how it is treated. Wearing increases self-esteem of the child.