August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

child loses consciousness for a short time, usually a minute or less.Syncope refers to the common symptoms, about 30% of healthy children reported at least one or more episodes of loss of consciousness in their lifetime.

Possible causes

Fainting can occur:

in a stressful situation, with a strong fright;

when taking a blood test or injection in a doctor's office;

with severe pain, such as the strong fall or fracture;

the sudden rise from a sitting or lying position;

with prolonged immobility;

with a long stay in a poorly ventilated area;

when overheated;

when breath-hold;

the weakness from malnutrition or lack of exercise;

• for anemia;

• in convulsions;

• for heart disease, heart failures.

Place the child.Lift his legs 30-40 cm above the trunk (in this position the flow of blood to the head is enhanced).Let him in this position for 15-20 minutes.

If this is not possible, put the child and push his head between his knees, unbutton outer clothing, and try to provide fresh air, and plant a

child in the shade during hot sunny weather.

If the room is hot, put on his forehead soaked a towel in cold water, in the absence of the child nausea or vomiting, give a little juice or water.

When a child held dizziness or weakness, it may first try

sit for a few minutes and then get up.If while sitting or standing, you will see that the child can lose consciousness again, put it to feel better.

When the baby wakes up, give him a little food and drink.

teach a child to pay attention to an approaching fainting When repeated loss of consciousness.As soon as an attack of faintness, you need to sit down and put your head between your knees.In this case the child should take a few deep breaths.

Call the doctor if your child does not feel normal within an hour or if he loses consciousness again, after you have taken all measures.

Quite often the cause of syncope is not too serious, but even in a single case

as soon as possible, call a doctor, if you do not know the cause of syncope or fainting reoccur.Call your doctor immediately if: the child has a head injury;

his sharp movements resembling seizures;the child is unconscious for more than two minutes;it is known that he has heart disease, seizures, diabetes or other serious disease.

unconscious child need to see a doctor.

The doctor will analyze the course of events leading up fainting, and will ask you to describe the condition of the child during and after the episode.He will study, measuring the heart rate and blood pressure of the child.If your doctor suggests anemia is a blood test.

conducting EEG or ECG can be assigned to identify the causes of possible convulsions or heart disease.