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August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

Most of the diseases associated with vision, is hereditary.The most common ones are listed below.

Possible causes

Blurred vision may be accompanied by a number of features, such as:

frequent squinting;

child brings objects close to the eyes;

head tilted to one side, or is in an unusual position;when the baby is close to you, he can not focus his eyes;

child often rubs his eyes;

eyes move quickly;

child complains of blurring vision, in the eyes of his doubles, he feels sick at work, such as reading (in other words, the child is more nearsighted, if he sees sharply close objects, but can not see the remote).

When syncope is often used ammonia, but this should be done carefully.Cotton swab moistened with alcohol, and bring to a child's nose for 20-30 seconds.The smell of ammonia promotes expansion of vessels of the brain, but its higher concentrations can cause temporary paralysis со-судодвигательногоцентра.Поэтомудолговдыхатьпарыспир-таnelzya.Luchshepoderzhattampon20-30s, sdelatpereryvna 1-2 min

utes and then bring it back for a few seconds.So prodelyvat as long as the child does not come to mind.

With deep swoon should also make artificial respiration.In the case of the child vomits his head should be turned to one side and remove the vomit out of his mouth, that they did not get into the respiratory tract.When the child regains consciousness, he can give a sweet tea or coffee.


eyeball is between the front portion and the bottom a greater distance than normal, and the lens of the eye as a lens does not function properly.That's why long objects child sees poorly, and close well.This is the most common diseases of children associated with vision.

Myopia can dramatically change the behavior and even the nature of the child.He becomes distracted, tired quickly, brings subjects close to his eyes, narrows his eyes, walks with his head down low, begins to stoop.In addition,

child may appear complaint of eye pain, headaches, that spread out before the eyes of subjects, dvoyatsya.Some children with a focused viewing objects, fatigue start to mow.


distance from the lens is shorter than the norm, and the lens can not focus properly.In this regard, the child sees near objects is bad, and long - good.

Astigmatism With astigmatism, the eyeball is flawed, and on the retina does not create a clear image.

strictly follow the doctor's instructions.

should limit the visual load the children, who has even a small myopia, pay more attention to their physical development, hardening, walks and outdoor games.

child's doctor will check the condition of the eye, will evaluate visual acuity and send the child to an ophthalmologist, if he will show up abnormalities in visual acuity.Perhaps the child will prescribe the wearing of glasses or contact lenses (for teenagers), if it is revealed

nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.

As a precaution to strengthen the eye shell doctor may also recommend eating foods rich in calcium - cheese, milk and dairy products, and products with a natural yellow dye, which contain vitamin A (carotene) - carrots, pumpkin, apricots.No cost and without the use of recommendations in polyunsaturated fatty acids in the composition of fish and fish oil.