Children who are find themselves in the center of events

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

Another reason why the child wearing promotes learning, is that the child is directly involved in the world of the person who wears it.The child sees what he sees his mother or father, hears what they hear, and in some ways feels what they feel.Wearing introduces the child to the world of people. Children who are better recognize the faces of his parents, know better rhythm of their gait and smell.The child remembers all the subtle nuances of facial expressions and gestures, voice modulation and tone, respiratory variations and emotions of the one who wears it, and learned a lot on them.Parent and

this case deals with the child more often, simply because that child is sitting right here, under his nose.The proximity facilitates cooperation, and the child is able to constantly learn to be a man.Children who are directly involved in the parent world, because they are involved in what makes them a mother and father.A child sitting in a bag, for example, when a parent washes dishes, hears, sees and

feels to the depths of the adult world.He no longer is involved in what is happening around him.In the hands of the employed person a child learns a lot.

Now imagine an alternative approach to the care of the child when the child spends in the separation from the mother most of the day, and take it in her arms and communicate with him only due to the need of time.The voices that can be heard from the other room, he does not associate with them - it does not happen in his world.Since they have no meaning for him, he does not store them in memory - they are not important and it is not necessary to memorize.For the child, who lives alone, normal daily business does not have a teaching value and have no value for the formation of mother's affection.Since the child is separate from her mother, as usual in turns, it organizes its activities and interaction with the child is not as if the child was the second or the third party.In

best, take the child as a spectator, not as a player.

However, a mother who is her child, as she was accustomed to the fact that her baby with her, automatically arranges the activity and interaction so as to enable the child.The child, in turn, feels that he is in the middle of the action and feel their value - which is very important for emerging from the self-assessment of the child.

as wearing a child contributes to mental development

To help the brain grow and develop, the world makes the nerves branch out to connect with other nerves.Wearing the parents of the child helps the developing brain of the child to create the right connections.Since the child is directly involved in the world of mother and father, he is involved in the events that chooses the mother, and is protected from the events that may cause damage or overload his developing nervous system.He is actively involved in all that makes his mother that his brain stores a myriad of experiences, the so-called patterns of behavior.They can be thought of as thousands of tiny shorts that are stored in the library of the nervous system of the child until the time when there will be scrolled, if a child falls into a similar situation, which remind him

when recorded the original "film".For example, mothers often tell me: "As soon as I take a bag, sling and wear it on yourself, my baby comes alive and pulls the handle, as if aware that now would be on my hands and in my world."

I have noticed that children who are, as it were more attentive and are included in the conversation, if they were its members.Wearing the baby contributes to the development of speech.Since the child is high, at the level of your voice and eyes, he is more involved in the conversation.He gets a valuable lesson in conversational practice - the ability to listen.

usual sounds of the world, such as the noise of daily activities, may either have learning value for a small child, or disturb him.If a child is alone, sounds may frighten him.If the child is wearing, these sounds have learning value for him.Mother keeps out what it considers unsuitable for the child and gives the child to know that everything is all right, when he hears the unfamiliar sounds and into the new situation.

Parents sometimes worry that their child does not learn to crawl, if they wear a lot of it.Even children who are constantly, sometimes find themselves at the bottom and get the freedom to move on the floor and crawl.In fact, children who have a strong parental affection, show a higher motor development,

possible for two reasons: due to the beneficial effects of parental attachment on the nervous system and due to the fact that they have excess energy that could be spent wasted on crying andanxiety.