Not far from the tree apple rolled away

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often hear: close apple rolled away from the tree.Usually they say so in terms of a critical father, they say, is bad and son went into it.Himself a liar - and children fib.The very lazy - children and idlers.The very tough - and the son of the cat's tail hung.Not revealed whether the vices of parents, according to the proverb, in children?If we are concerned about what will grow the son or daughter, we must first educate yourself, to eradicate their flaws.Otherwise, no matter how much to teach, nor to explain what is good and what is bad, children will not be better.Words fall into the void, will not give seedlings, like those grains that mindlessly throw sower in unsuitable land for them.Education Act, often imperceptible, has, like X-rays, a huge impact force.

Alexei Petrovich Golovin, Lieutenant Colonel stock, has developed its own approach to the children.Not bothering them abstract maxims, all his behavior taught to respect the person and his work, to bow before the heroism of soldiers, hig

hly honor the laws of military comradeship, to go, even if it is very hard to help others, to act in the spirit of internationalism.Maybe it's because two of the three sons, and went the way of his father and grandfather, the tanker war veteran.

... The company, which was commanded by Alexei Golovin, then captain, arrived with a new recruiting Neznamov.Sullen, uncommunicative, look askance.Letters from no one received, the comrades of the Parties.He looked Golovin in the documents - the information is very scarce.parents who - unknown.Only grandparents at the Szymanowski family, and those, as it turned out, not native.

These commander addressed first.Replied Ariadne Nikolaevna.The reported some of the details.The town of Nesvizh, where they lived, in the forty-first sparked fierce fighting.As the front moved to the east, the Nazis have thrown all the wounded Red Army men in a concentration camp, behind barbed wire."There I saw a little boy with a bullet through the leg.He begged the commandant to give me a baby - recalls Ariadne N. - but me and would not listen.He helped save a child concentration camp doctor, his wife Anna Nikolaevna Shurygina officer.Later, the Nazis shot her relationship with the guerrillas. "

company commander have many worries.And at home - small sons and wife about to give birth.However, the captain decided to try to lift the veil on a biography Neznamova, which name something was due to the fact that he knew nothing about yourself.Every evening, returning home when the kids were asleep, Golovin a quick dinner, and then wrote to a different address requests not looking for anyone after a boy of three years of the war on behalf of Toll.The newspaper editors sent the photo Neznamova.

On Golovin letter, published in the local newspaper, responded M. Zizika.When a woman found in the Rye crying boy.I brought it home, warmed, fed.Reassured, the baby said that the Pope was wearing a military uniform, his mother's name was Lena.His surname vaguely said: something like "Kutin".Soon the boy's leg gangrene began - he was taken to the hospital ...

After a while Golovin received a telegram: "I leave Kiev.Tolley Neznamova Father. "

Worried all - the unit commander, deputy political commissar, Golovin and his wife - Maria Yakovlevna.Neznamova not yet said anything.It has declared the people also lost their children on the roads of the war, tried, contrary to the facts, make sure that Anatoly - their son.

long conversation with Alexei Petrovich reserve officer Timothy Afanasyevitch Kucher.And the border, and Mama Elena, who died .If bombing - all coincided.Then Anatoly Golovin invited, anything short notice.On the threshold of the soldiers froze, as if afraid to step on.And suddenly whispered:

- Father ... Where's Mom?

about that meeting at the time said "Red Star".This publication is still kept in the family archive Golovin.So the sons of Alexei Petrovich was highlighted further another dash, one face in his father's identity, which they used to be proud of.

With sixteen Golovin Sr. threw in his lot with the army.Please help to fill the tanks, and then learned to drive a formidable fighting machine.As part of the 1st Guards Tank Army was involved in the liberation of Poland, stormed Berlin.

Alexei Petrovich had a remarkable gift - to feel its involvement to all the world, to do good to people.When looking for parents Neznamova to him repeatedly asked those who also lost children.At the same time he sent inquiries about these guys in the archives, newspaper offices.Another eight found eight more gave great joy.

In the year of the 30th anniversary of the Great Victory Golovin proposed the creation of a museum in Kharkiv "Katukovets".Actively involved in the work itself, assembled and produced 662 exhibits, wrote thousands of letters to their fellow soldiers, weekends, evenings retake rare front-line shots sent them.

On the day of opening of the museum - exactly ten years - here come the students vocational school number 37, to get acquainted with the exploits of soldiers.Gathered here for the veterans of the 1st Guards Tank - katukovtsy.Alexei Petrovich invited to the celebrations eldest son, Vladimir, who received the profession of a lawyer, too, lived in Kharkov.But Alexander and Anatoly could not come: there were far - served as part of a limited contingent of Soviet troops in Afghanistan.

One morning lieutenant colonel Golovin opened, as usual, the "Red Star".Published by participants Army Conference of Secretaries of Komsomol organizations.And suddenly flashed surname - Golovin foreman V. Bystritskii talked about the company of spies, to perform the international duty to the Afghan land, the company commander Golovin."I do not find in our part of the person who does not know lieutenant Golovin - eagerly poring Alexei Petrovich in the newspaper line of Anatolia, the younger son, named after the soldier Neznamova.- is an experienced, brave officer Communist.In any situation, when he's around, you feel calm and confident.It happened - in trouble Junior Sergeant Alexander Borisenko.And the first to come to his rescue, was commander of the ... »

Golovin, called his wife:

- Maria, look what is written so great.

On the way to work Golovin recalled the already distant day, which by happy coincidence, all three sons were home in Kharkov.Alexander came on vacation from Afghanistan, Anatoly dropped to his parents, following a new post.And almost at the door announced that it is satisfied with the report, he was going to be Sasha!

mother gasped, clapped her hands:

- Why do you go there?

Anatoly looked at his father, did not hesitate to support it.

- Clearly, mother, everything is clear, - said softly, trying to calm his wife Alexei Petrovich.- You should not be surprised ...

sons We left together.Alexander - a week before the end of the vacation to help his brother at first to get used to the new place.

They wrote, in general, rarely.Briefly reported that alive - healthy, all supposedly in order.Major Alexander Golovin served in the headquarters compound, a senior lieutenant, Anatoly Golovin, commanded a company investigation.Both deserve a medal "For Service in Battle".

Last fight, they say, the most difficult.Younger Golovin had a chance to take it just before returning home.The situation was such that a group of soldiers led by Senior Lieutenant A. Kireev, cut off from the main forces of the battalion, had almost no hope for help.But she came.Almost from the sky - the scouts under the command of Lieutenant Anatoly Golovin went down the cliff to the rear to dushmans and punched his way with grenades, rushed to the attack ...

Parents have accumulated a lot of newspaper clippings, devoted sons."Christ the slave," "High rewards Golovins brothers" "glory are numbered", "The names are not their disgrace" - the names of the publications speak for themselves.

After returning from Afghanistan, Jr. married Golovin.In the midst of the wedding eight scouts suddenly appeared in vests and berets.With award-winning on his chest.One after the transfer to the reserve hurried home, others were for excellent service short home leave .. heard that their former commander of the wedding soon, and literally fell from the ship to the ball.All together they have reported:

- Comrade lieutenant, allow me on behalf of all the soldiers of our company cordially congratulate you on the legal marriage and the high award - the second Order of the Red Star.

forgive parents at this moment their eyes filled with tears.

In Kharkov Higher Tank School Museum of military glory.Among its exhibits - photo Golovin three: a father with his sons, Alexander and Anatoly.It is a pity that there is no close portrait of a man who gave birth to the dynasty officers.During the war, the Guard Captain Peter Golovin reached a tank army to Berlin.;When the brothers left for Afghanistan, his father goodbye admonished:

- See also, never did give you a reason to think about the bad.

sons fulfilled the mandate of his father, who became a child for them unquestioned authority.


* * *

Children tend to largely follow their own parents.Often it is under the influence of our deeds and actions occur in the child's specific habits, inclinations, character is formed.This truism is confirmed by the results of scientific research of several generations of sociologists and psychologists, rich life practice.And what could be nicer for the father and mother, and when in the small and large you repeat your children, inheriting the best features.These parents are entitled to say with pride that we are the children themselves continue.