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We, teachers often have to observe the following picture: met after school, first-grader daughter, mother rushes to help her dress, shoes laces, grandmother granddaughter carries a satchel.Check the homework for labor and immediately see: Kohl worked for dad, for mum tried Vitya.The question naturally arises: why basic skills of daily living parents do not teach children, and do everything for them themselves?These guys do not know how to sew a button, darn socks, school uniform pat ...

S. Skuratov, teacher Moscow


thrift habits of children do not vomit, not dirty, do not throw, not to destroy it possible to educate the familyinvolving children in creative activities relating to the construction of any devices that are useful in the household.

For example, my mother turns to the children: "For the preparation of some dishes require an even heat without a strong flame.How can rational to expend gas, adjust the flame to get delicious »

the uptake Children: need speed stan

d.But what exactly?Meditate, work and bring my mother home-made "flame divider" of the wire.In the creation and manufacture of devices and dad attended.

can put in front of children such tasks.

Which device allows you to control the water flow when watering flowers?

Where can I find the use of degraded toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, cream, glue?

is useful if the household fittings old lampshade?

How and where to use the wrappers from the candy?

it possible to lengthen the service life of a broom?

Children solution carries similar problems.This creative work, as experience shows, helps educate prudent attitude to things, to people's property.

Kuznetsov, Ph.D., senior lecturer of the Department of Pedagogy of the Orenburg Pedagogical Institute

struggle with "Baobab»

We sat with the kids on the couch, huddled close to each other, turning off the lights for comfort.I told them about the little prince.The next day we read aloud the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and examined the picture.Now, every night my kids were looking forward to meeting with the Little Prince.

And once looked around - in the apartment a mess.How to get naughty boys to help me?Antosha five years, Thieme three years.I thought it is too early, little children, will only interfere.I am driving very quickly.The children used to the fact that my mother will do.

This time I had an idea.If now we looked to the little prince, saying he would not like us.Every morning he cleaned his own planet, not to increased harmful baobabs, all of which can kill.

I did not expect that my words will act as children.With what energy they set about cleaning, they destroyed the "bad seeds baobabs!"Soon glistened in all the room.

next morning found a letter from the little prince.Prince wrote that night, when the boys were sleeping, looked into the room and he liked "our planet".The boys cheered!

When we walk in the evening, we are sure to find a star on the sky, on which The Little Prince lives.And always remember

: "I got up in the morning, washed, brought himself into order - and immediately set in order his planet."Certainly it is necessary to weed every day "baobabs".It is very tedious work, but it is not difficult.And what is most interesting - the children were able to understand the baobab - not just a tree, but a symbol of everything bad, evil, unclean.They know that "Baobab" and can grow inside a person.If one of the guys starts to act up or greedy, we advise him to quickly rinse your mouth with water - you're, say, quietly swallowed the seed of the baobab.Capricious immediately ran to the bathroom.This educational tool works perfectly.

I. Efimov, Frunze

father and son

Some fathers complain about the lack of time to communicate with their children.But Vladimir Dronov, engineer, innovator, inventor, drummer labor, engaged and responsible person, be sure to find time.

Near dad Vasya grew independent, businesslike.Looking at my father, shrouded in the morning his bed, before going to bed washed socks and handkerchiefs.My father always supported his son in the faith in their own strength, approved integrity, diligence.

drone - my neighbors.I asked Vladimir Vasilievich help me to arrange the furniture.He immediately called his son, a fifth-grader."Is not a man Vasya?Together we'll manage faster. "Vladimir consulted with her son as moving furniture, so as not to break things, do not scratch the floor.You should have seen the happy eyes Wasi, which is so valued father!

The home cares and troubles John, like his father, has always been very active.Purchasing the product, to mom does not carry heavy bags, for the arrival of visitors set the table, but so beautiful - not every housewife could.When a sick grandmother, was on duty at the hospital at a time with her parents, caring for grandma, fed her with a spoon.

Now Bob is studying in the eighth grade of secondary school and in the fifth - music bayan.Two summers he spent in a labor camp in

Stavropol Territory.The brigade, which he was entrusted, has become one of the best.Said the school of labor education that Bob was in the family.No wonder they say: "If a father does not know how to plow, the son learns to sow."

N. Andreenko, honored school teacher of the RSFSR, Moscow region

«podlechit'sya OUR HORSE»

I know one family.Often I see how my father is repairing the bike.The son of five-six years watching carefully.And he was so eager to do something to help!The boy takes the key to transfer the Pope, but hears a loud shout, "Get away!Go to my mother! "The child confused.Then he begins to ask questions about what it takes, "How moving motorcycle?Why is he coming apart?Why is the smoke, "" grow up - you learn "- evades explanation father.The child, trampled, leaving hurt.

But another family.It grows in the same boy."My son - my father is calling - now you and I receive medical treatment of our horse.""This is not a horse, dad, and a motorcycle.There is no horse motor, and he does not eat gasoline, "- readily responds son and runs to her father.Quickly, Dad, dresses.And here they are together at work: wash the parts, boss key."Dad, you do not put kruglyashok and unscrew the Gadget.""Thank you, my son, has seen" - is heard in response.How much gives the child a communion with the Father!

Dear Pope!Do not chase children away from you when you repair, sawing, building.Know that you are being followed small but curious eyes.They want everyone to understand, learn.So do not deny their sons in this!

Filippov, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk


The family friend's son, a first grader in the garden have their own bed.She grows flowers boy.The idea gave his father: "In the autumn of my mother's birthday.It would be nice to give her his flowers, and to school the first of September of flowers will come. "

worked all summer boy: watered, weeded the flower bed.Finally there were the first sprouts, then we began to open buds.Autumn boy gave flowers close.In his soul was born a wonderful feeling - to do good to people.

Does everyone have such a wonderful garden to bed?If not, get it for the children.

Yuri Plotnikov, Krasnoyarsk

HOW TO FIND "Golden Key"?

The hard-working family grew up the son of a drone.How did it happen?

Schools occupational classes students spend on the experimental plot.Many students faithfully cared for him.But there are those who only pretend to be busy with something.Teacher reluctantly says, "When are you finally fix, stop shirk doing?" How long has this habit originated?

... Small Alisher went outside and saw that the older brother repairing chairs.First Alisher watched his brother, then picked up a hammer, nails and went to work.But not for long - the brother chased him.Then, armed with a small hoe, Alisher came to his father, who worked the land.

- Go away, do not bother!Filthy!- Dismissed the father's son.Demonstrating a touching concern for the baby clothes, he did not notice a huge desire to work son.

Many times have seen a little girl standing at the kitchen counter, downright eager to help my mother.But more often it is accessed with the words: "Do not dirty your hands, step away, pobesh dishes."

So when your child learn to work?When sowing seeds in his mind hard work, if not at an early age?Without labor there is no and can not be education.In this way it should look the same "golden key", which will open the road leading to happiness and children, and parents.

Hudamkulov N., a teacher of the French language.

us - men

I was about to turn fifty.And I'll start from the time when my wife and I were very young, and his son Oleg - in an age when the children are themselves well-stomp, but they can be on hand to take.We walked down the street in the evening."Dad, - says son - came up to me the flashlight (it means - to a lamppost), then I'll go."He took his hands.We got to the "lantern".Then Oleg stamped himself.The new "flashlight".Again, I take his son into his arms.For him - the game, I also nice.We got to the corner.Next lamppost far.Oleg quickly realized that to go in the dark would be long and uncomfortable."Come on, - he says - Dad, come back, that's enough to walk."I wanted to insist: let strode, overcome themselves.Oleg stubborn, zakapriznichal.His wife stood at his side, and I backed away, he turned back.

a long time for some reason I remember this seemingly insignificant episode.The thought of her son unwillingness to overcome the difficulties became clear when I began to notice that Oleg in their dealings with halfway turns.He worked at a music school.Without a large hunting, it must be said, was engaged, but still finished it.After the eight-year went to enroll in the School of Music.Entered, living far away from us, there is no one to push.G od studied, two ... Suddenly there is the house: School dropped, not mine, they say, it's a vocation.Okay, look their own.I went to work on the railways.But there was gone.Settled into a disco at half-time ... It is not easy to me, his father, had to admit, but this fact: man until the end of a single case does not carry, folds, when you want to make an effort, character, when the "torch" too far looms.

Once we talked with my son about his attitude to life many hours.Something he understood What misunderstood - the army helped to understand.In a letter to the son wrote to me: "Dad, I remembered again those of our flashlights.You was right: I did not really liked bother ... Go really only need to forward, no matter what. "

After the army, Oleg became fitter.It works with interest.I'm happy for him, pleased with him.Rain and eventually grandchildren, and I think that my son and I, the two men will be able to teach them from childhood gain over a first small and then big victories.Do not turn back when it is difficult.This is a good quality in a man's boys should be brought up to us, the men, so I suggested to my father's experience.

Yu E with and in, work, city Ershov Saratov region


I came home from work.I sit down in a chair, his hand reaching for a newspaper ... And then my boys need:

- Dad, we have a border guard, border have a dog, there is only the offender.Come on you're an intruder ...

So you do not want to get out of the cozy armchairs.I protested, but the boys still pull me to play.Then I resorted to cunning: Allows turn on the TV, as 25 minutes will begin cartoons.

Children sit on the sofa faded.However, read calmly I can not.For myself, I say: "Do you remember when the sons were very young?Kid squeaked - you comforted him?Thundering rattle, depicted a horned goat, made somersaults Roly-Poly ... amused, I played.It was not long.And what?Children are tired, and you stopped playing with them. "

in me awakens the conscience."Anxiety!- I shout the boys.- Look for the intruder "Loud barks" Border dog! ".The game begins ...


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