Feeding a child under one year

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

There should be no lumps.Front baby teeth (incisors) are intended only to bite.Molars - intended for chewing - appear only in the second year of life.Until that time, the children are still pressuring the gums rather than chewed.Products that can be taken in hand, let's just under your supervision, and when the child is sitting, not tilted or plays.Put on a plate or tray only a few pieces of food that can be taken by hand.If eating too much and it is a mountain, there is a desire to grab handfuls of it and do not take on a separate piece.Hot dogs (hot dogs) are not nutritious and is not safe for young children . If a child up to one year from the bite of an entire sausage in his mouth would be a piece about the size of the diameter of the trachea child and the child can choke.Secure health sausages containing no nitrites, - a favorite dish year-old children, and they can be safe, if you cut them along thin, strip-like noodles.Even these "safe and healthy" dogs may be too high in sodium (too much salt),

so limit their consumption.

At the age of about a year in a child begins a period of "myself."The trick to which we resorted to cope with a child, a determined there by yourself, is to hold a spoon with food in your hand and allow your child to also grasps the spoon or to give the child to take in hand a spoonful and themselves also take up the spoonand direct it to the child's mouth.

Secure products, which can eat with your hands

Rings (breakfast cereals)

rice patties (unsalted)

carrots (well cooked)

toast from wheat flour with bran

bagels and bran

eggsfrom yolks

French toast (without egg whites)

boiled peas (without pods)

slices of pear (very ripe)

apple slices (well-baked)

pieces of pasta (cooked)

pieces of tofu (soybean curd)

beans (well cooked, stems with pods remove)

avocado as a sauce or slices

product that a child could choke



grain in popcorn

hard beans


dogs (whole or cut into large pieces)

hard candy

unripe pears

raw carrots

fresh apples

relationship with food

addition to proper nutrition children need the right attitude to eating.Here's how to help their child and themselves receive from the dining pleasure.

table manners

Children - born clowns.When a child drops a spoon or food, all quick to react.The child soon realizes that he manages the game and continues to throw food everywhere but not in his mouth.Raking - that familiar board game.Sometimes, generally in good faith to feed themselves from the hands of the child becomes impatient, raking in a handful of food and overturns the handful into his mouth half and half on your face.The child continues to miss and spread until his clowning does not cause the expected reaction of the audience.Laughter not only reinforces the habit, but it can be dangerous if a child laugh with full mouth of food, take a deep breath and choke.

ability to stimulate the people around them, forcing them to respond to their antics, appearing markedly strengthens a child's sense of their own capabilities.But enough is enough.If you are too quick to react to the behavior of sluts, it will only lead to the fact that prandial clown will continue their performances.Whether you laugh or sprinkles with abuse, in any case, the child takes it as a reaction of the audience, and the presentation continued.

not notice - is the best way to clean a small cad from the scene.If the situation is completely out of your control, it is concluded that the baby is not hungry, and put them in his plate.Do not expect that the child will sit at the table as long as adults.Even at such an early age are taught manners by example.If a child sees that older kids (and adults) laugh with his mouth, flung food, knocking on the table with spoons, and enjoy all of this, a little simulator will do the same.Also, do not forget to reward good manners.

bad eater

If a child pushes food hands attach to the tray highchair toy on suckers to take the hand of the child at the time, while you're trick to push it a meal (if the toys are not suckers, you have tounceasingly raise them off the floor, because the child will be endlessly toss them).We all know the game of spoon-plane: "This airplane is flying", and spoon dives in the baby's mouth.If the child at the table constantly waving his arms like a windmill wings using the three plastic spoons: one spoon for each child and one hand for you to feed him.And do not forget that the child may simply not want to eat solid food.Your tricks do not have to pass a line and become the force-feeding techniques, which will form your baby a very negative attitude.

Overcoming the fear of food

For some children is perfectly normal to be afraid of new products.Be prepared for the fact that your child will explore new foods before you eat them.Give your child get acquainted with the new food before they taste it.One way to inspire courage in cautious consumer - is to put some food on his own finger and send it to your finger from the food to his mouth.