Wearing the bag helps mothers and babies get the right start

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

The way the mother and the child begin their life together, often sets the tone for what will be how successful their relationship in the future.In the early neonatal period, we emphasize the fact that the mother does for a child, if child care is only in the fact that the mother gives a child takes.After twenty years of pediatric practice and twenty-five years of parental experience, I have grown to understand that this idea of ​​constant parental self-giving in the first months of a child's life is only partly true.Not only parents develop children but also the parents the child develops.child care system in the ideal - when it works best - consists of mutual bestowal, in which all members are the best in each other.Here's how the system works.

mother (and to a lesser extent the father) has a biological instinct that attracts her to her child;instinctive desire to take the child to wear it, and the nurse just to be with him.This is called mother-to-child attachment.In some mothers this attachment aris

es by itself - maternal intuition.Other mothers feel some uncertainty in this intuition.That's when the baby goes about his business.

Just as mothers are particularly leading to the appearance of their affection, children are born with a lot of affection causing qualities that lead to the appearance of the mother desires, and perhaps even the need to be with your child.The baby coo, sucking, smiling, he is plump and charming - all these features benefit the child's mother.In the mother's body, there are the so-called maternal hormones, namely prolactin and oxytocin.Challenging the child's attachment behavior causes the intake of these hormones in the mother's bloodstream.Thus, the child gives his mother the biological impetus, which, in turn, helps her to give the baby to the mother's care of the quality and quantity which require the child - that is, mutual bestowal between two members in need of assistance biological couples.If we make the assumption that the higher the level of these hormones and the more it is permanent, so it is easier to nurse the child the mother, it follows, that the mothers should be advised to choose the approach to maternal care, which would support her hormones at a high level.This is what happens,

if it is a child.The constant presence of the child - that it supports the activity of the hormone system in contrast to the short-term communication.Let we make a deeper analysis.

hormone activity is estimated by measuring their biological half-lives - that is, the time required to ensure that the available half was consumed substance in the bloodstream.Some substances have a long half-life, others short.Maternal hormones have very short biological half-life - about twenty minutes.This means that for the mother constantly maintained high levels of these hormones it requires stimulation every twenty minutes.Which takes place and if the mother carries her baby.The constant presence, frequent feedings and touch support maternal hormones at a high level.