Preparation of baby food with their own hands

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Good food, or lack thereof, may have an impact on health and your child's behavior.a couple of hours a week for preparing food is worth spending for their child.You know what it is made, and you can cook it by order of the child of such a consistency and taste, as he likes.Before the child's impressionable taste buds will be spoiled too sweet and savory products bought-in, train her child to the natural taste of freshly prepared dishes.In addition, fresh food tastes better.

Healthy cooking

Before applying fruits and vegetables on the table or boil them thoroughly rinse them.Scratch them brush for vegetables.Cut fibrous parts and tight ends.Cut out the damaged areas, remove the skin, remove seeds and all, than a child can choke.Trim with meat and poultry fat.

When cooking fruits and vegetables for a couple saved more vitamins and minerals than when cooked in water.Return the product of the lost nutrients, adding to it a little liquid left after cooking for a couple, or use this liquid for soups and


What you need to

prepare baby food

own hands

Food processor and / or blender

□ food mill

□ Hand grinder

□ Baking forfrying

□ steamer for vegetables

□ Pashotnitsa (an egg without the shell)

□ Casserole with lid Chopping board

Heat resistant glass cups

□ Fork and tolkushkoy potato

□ fine sieve

Brush vegetablespeeler

measuring cups and spoons

sharp knife for cleaning vegetables





for storing and freezing

molds for ice

□ glass jars (capacity 120ml)

□ Small bags for the freezer

□ baking cookie

□ Waxed paper

□ Duct tape freezer

□ Marker

□ baking tray for cakes

addition, try to observe the following guidelines to makefood their child as healthy as can:

• Do not add salt or sugar - there is no need.You can add a little lemon juice, which serves as a natural preservative and flavor enhancer.

• soften dry legumes (peas and beans) before cooking by boiling for two minutes, then let stand for an hour, instead of, as is customary, beans soaked overnight, thus depriving them of some nutrients.

• Roast vegetables such as potatoes and squash, just in the skin.

• Avoid deep frying, which adds to the product harmful fats.