Budenovka for son

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

Hardly anyone Valerkinoy crossed the threshold of the room, his eyes immediately rushed Budenovka.Visibly faded by time, with frayed loops and five-pointed star sewn on the cloth canopy, it hung over a piece of crimson velvet with a decent collection of icons dedicated to the Armed Forces.What icons are just not there!From the earliest date back to the twenties, to those that fill today shoplifting plates.Yet eyes involuntarily to engage the foremost Budenovka old, the same age as the time worrying young fighters for the Soviet power.What she'd seen in his lifetime?After some trials and tribulations of the past together with its owner?And, actually, as it turned out here, which was built only two years ago in the nursery of modern Moscow apartment?

if reading our dumb questions, Boris, Valery's father, said:

- Budenovka inherited from my grandfather inherited me.And now awarded Valery.Heirloom, dear to us all.The only value that connects us with the memory of my grandfather, the First Cavalry Cavalrym

an, order bearer.Valery very proud of him, proud and this Budenovka.My grandfather was in the revolution, then served in the Ukraine, near Zhitomir ...

Boris paused for a moment, took a nail Budenovka lovingly ran his hand down her rusty top.

- At one time, I was just fascinated by the stories about the service of his grandfather, his exploits.When the family council gave me Budenovka to maintain, I wanted to be around like a grandfather, worthy of it.Therefore he chose for himself a profession officer for life.I do not know, maybe what I say, so much captures only at an early age - my interlocutor smiled gently.- However, certain of it: boyish love for our ideals, starting through the prism of the big emotions, preserved for years to come.That is why Valery got this Budenovka.I am convinced that it is their service is not yet completed ...

Let us not hastily judge which path in life will attract today's fifth-graders will take if the son of Boris Mikhailovich the example of his grandfather and his father's place among the defenders of the Motherland.But that Budenovka their service has not yet been completed, we, too, have no doubt.With her heart in the boys become part of a revolutionary character, romance.And is it not here that the invisible bridge thrown from generation to generation, which unites, connects them?

It is in the family of the foundations of civilization.Foster patriot of his country, his people should be targeted, from an early age, taking into account, of course, the child's hobbies, whatever form his inner world at this stage of life.

Unfortunately, some parents often misunderstand how important it is to raise a family of the young patriot.It is important also for the baby and for the society.Although in the case of those mothers and fathers speak in general good, the right words: children - our future, we want to safely entrust them to his house, his job and the most expensive - home.

On the other hand, parents are sometimes poorly guided in how best to achieve the desired result, that received from our grandfathers, finally, from us, the parents, the baton of the great, the responsibility for the fate of the motherland children suffered further with honor.They unfortunately do not know anything about the methods or forms of this work.And sometimes they do not know, and the most important thing - your child, do not know what is able to materially affect, for example, to certain of his views.

We certainly agree with the statement: the formation of ideological, civic beliefs in many ways starts with understanding the beauty, noble deeds of public benefit, with samples of heroism, which heard the children with examples of selfless devotion to high ideals.Note, incidentally, that even small children well versed in such matters.In a way, though, as a child, but I understand all the same is true.They let a small, experience, communication with the outside world generally develop proper social flair.

To reiterate: the above statement is shared, in principle, all the parents.But, dear fathers and mothers, who of you thought about the fact that such an interpretation is not through the eyes of the children of some beautiful, catchy slogans, not in the abstract, alas, so frequent in moralizing families.Fuller, better our spiritual values ​​are learned through direct contact with the concrete actions near and dear ones, through their personal attitude to what surrounds us every day.In particular, to the same Budyonovka, which is stored in the family of Boris Mikhailovich.

As yet very well that at the time people foresaw a significant role in the upbringing of his son Budenovka!For boys like revived revolutionary past of his grandfather, in reality sounded the call of the older generations to continue their military glory.

not seek, and each of us in his own family some possibilities for such work?It would be very nice.