" Save the family album ... "

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

This title is taken from the published June 26, 1986 in "Pravda" notes veteran Navy Captain 1st Rank S. Butov stock.Note attracted attention, forced to think seriously.

«go to the front in October 42 th - the author writes, - each of my youth Volodya Taghshinny put in holdall home photo album.He thought: along with him will be his family, and therefore it becomes easier in difficult moments fighter ...

I remember the prewar period.How much was the same family albums in our village - in families classmates and neighborhood friends.With pictures we looked at his clean and upright face of the revolution and civil war: young men in uniform, with a rifle at the ready, with a naked sword, put on the shoulder, or a revolver in his hand.We boys were peering in photography and mentally carried away in the exciting world of the "red devils", known to us only from books, movies, so the stories of elders.Youthful romance fired the imagination of the soul.We regret that they were born too late, and that will not s

oon put on a military uniform. "

It just so happened that in the fifties album slowly began to "go out of fashion", they began to move in a drawer and cabinets, away from prying eyes.As if we were ashamed of something in their own history or history itself considered almost a museum thing.Why?Now unlikely to call for certain reasons.However, the heart we feel some moral gap that has formed a "retirement" album in our home.Gathered together under one cover, scattered pictures form the most visible chronicle family, captured the tree of life and pose a perfect opportunity to education.

«Some may say," It was a long time ago.Times have changed.Now not the family tradition.Do I have to stand up for the return of what has gone by itself? "But the everyday scene.Showing his grandson military photograph.As he sees it!How keen interest, ordinary childish curiosity in the eyes!So, there is this invisible connection times, it means that the heart responds, then, is not so worthless cargo is stored under a thick cover. "

In the final part of his reflections the author emphasizes that, apparently, it is not wise to "stuff" the current boys and girls distant history.Indeed, in the present age, with its rapid pace, becoming a legend and a very recent event.For pictures convey to us the courage to first builders of BAM, a feat accomplished on a military outpost, a test of character in a far difficult transition.All this, of course, is very useful in such a subtle, delicate matter, as the moral maturation of our children.We think, a veteran of the Armed Forces of the rights.In fact.

There are item which pass over in silence, probably impossible.Butov reminisces about his conversation with the specialists of family education at the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences.We were talking about and albums.A lot of them today in families?whether they Kudos?Who cares if the parents lack the photographic "roll call" generation?Do children need parental admission of destiny and biography?

Someone obviously interested in what is ultimately concluded.The fact of the matter is that not too optimistic: in essence, very many parents underestimate the value of their own experience in the education of their own children.It's a pity!And yet almost every family willing to show guests the album "Your child", enthusiastically talk about the "abilities" and "achievements" of the heir, who, incidentally, often sitting here at the table with a plate full of sweets.Words of praise in his address kid perceives not, without the express pleasure.Total from pot two inches, but it is already a "hero" of the family.

But the true hero - our grandfather's heir, hit the fascist tank or shot down an enemy plane, the table is not present, it is gone forever, and no one will no longer see or hear.And it's rarely the photo show.Particular?May be.But do not start from here if imbalances in education?

In the whirl of everyday affairs, we often do not think about whether the house photo albums with pictures of our grandparents, people, relatives by blood are needed, those who have not.Finally, with our own photographs if necessary album depicting us in different moments of life.He, Imagine is needed.Sometimes badly needed.And we, and our children.

Did not happen you have moments when, removing the apartment or rubbing the book on the shelves, you've seen old photographs, from which could not come off?You took them in his hands, gazed long and mentally carried away far from the present day, from home, from work started.You brightened face, mentally contact with those that once warmed you had a particle of your life - sometimes very difficult, complicated.Have you not experienced such a feeling?

But resurrect the past seems to be forgotten, until photographs were silent long pores.Today they are talking to you.We started talking suddenly.But fortunately, a good, kind language of habit.We touched on in the soul of some strings, which immediately responded.And his heart became warmer.

So why do not we make sure that these photos were echoed in our children?Let other than us.But that is surely sounds.One can not begin to sound!And who knows whether he will not, not audible to others chord one of the most solid nodules in the relationship between the generations.In such a resonance sincerely believe.But it depends largely on ourselves.On whether there is in our house a family album.And, of course, from the desire, the ability at least occasionally with his son or daughter to look into the family papers, to talk about those who are captured in photographs, on their good deeds.

Making an album is a snap, if only to want.But a lot is purchased in return.What exactly?Everything, of course, you name it.That's at least ...

Sooner or later, your son or daughter will be offered at school to write an essay, for example, on the theme "Whom would you take in life example?".In practice, very often ideal for children acts literary hero ... Well, why not a member of their own family?Why does not the next of kin, who, speaking on the merits, brought to our society is much more useful than a generic character of art?

explain this fact can, of course, many reasons.But, it appears, on closer analysis will inevitably show up among the reasons for the absence in the house of the family album.The educational value of it is invaluable.