Sergeant - generals father

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

In Moscow the house where lived the widow of a war veteran Zudina - Alexandra Stepanovna.One morning a telegram here Zudina eldest son, who had come from the North vacation to his mother.Boris said that he was awarded the rank of Major General.And two days earlier in the same house called Alexandra Stepanovna second son - Valentin, who served in the Southern Group of Forces.Congratulating the upcoming holidays, inquire about the health of the mother, the affairs, shared the good news - became a Major General.

As her semiliterate peasant, managed to pass on to their children a thirst to learn, ability to work tirelessly to be true patriots of the motherland?What is the secret of its fine teacher gift?Widowed early.In the hands - kids.Maybe a magic word I know?I Knew.Word of the letters that sent her husband to the front.But about them later.

Alexandra Stepanovna not had a chance to even attend school - girl worked at Messrs.Then, after the revolution, he returned to the village.

Since then, the whole l

ife of the woman has been associated with the field.And groin, and sowed - as the earth passed through their hands!Every inch of salt then poured.From dawn to dusk - in the field.In the 30 years Alexander Stepanovna, already a mother of four, was elected chairman of the collective farm.With her husband lived together.Only the war separates them.He fought in the Civil Gregory, defended the Soviet power.I went to the front in the Great Patriotic War.Children forsake planed wood checkers, such as guns, punished - to protect and take care of his mother, sisters.

Oddly Look neighbors, children Zudina not sitting idle.That the forest for firewood go, then dig up the garden, bringing in fertilizer, floors washed, concocting.Do not shy away from.And diligent in their studies but are capable of.Before school - four kilometers.Not close.There were crowd - it was still dark.Blizzard moaning, the wind whips in his face, in front of the older, kids cover.And when they return home, the mother says:

- It's that!Golf pass - and a school nearby.In life everyone will meet, will be more difficult path.

Alexandra Stepanovna had a special approach to the education of children.Never praising them.Any help is taken for granted.Make one - for the other must be taken.Himself bread ready in the mouth will not fall down.The very clean cottage will not.Complete knowledge in mind will not.All hard but persistence is achieved.

mother remembers how Valentin, still a baby, he ran to the meadow, where it decimated :.

- Mom, you brought lunch!

Village immediately, under a bush, turned white bundle of food.A son immediately took the scythe.More awkwardly, but some went the other.And the boy's face lit up with joy - he was entrusted to mow.So the evening with her mother and stayed on the meadow.Returning the proud: let everyone know - he had learned to mow."Mama!Father write! "-" Well, son, I will write ... »

On older, Boris, especially large burden fell.As his father was carried to the front, all fifteen fellow man's work took over.And mend the fence and wood nakolet.

The letters my father inquired about the farm, about the harvest, about children's progress.Reserved praised them.I shall be punished by listening to his mother.Grow strong, brave defenders of the motherland, to no fascists do not be afraid.And in the distance he continued to educate children.Mother read aloud to them the news, talking to them about his father.I keep a small front-line triangles as a family heirloom.And if for a long time did not receive letters, carefully re-deploy those old that her husband wrote in January 1943.

«Hello, dear family - wife, Shura, kids Boris, Maria Valentin, Jack, Lida and bones.I send you my greetings Red Army front ... I'm happy children learning ... Near the time, as our Russian freedom-loving people will be singing after the defeat of the Nazi invaders, "drove the red heroes ...»

I remain with a greeting - a war veteran, Alex, yourfriend, children dad ... »

one friend told her husband that Gregory seriously wounded, is nearby - in Kaluga.While Alexandra Stepanovna arrived at the hospital, her husband died.Grief did not break it.Again and again, the children read letters from the front - a red characters, how to live after the victory ...

not forgotten his father's mandates - to protect the homeland, to take care of his mother.Three of the four sons of Sergeant Zudina became military.Two of the three - generals.Alexandra Stepanovna was able to instill in them the unconditional love of the Fatherland, which led the sergeant to fight.And every time, if children are to be commended, said: "As a father would be glad your successes!" If something were guilty, not reproached, not abused - just sighed: "My father would never have done."He acted more a reproach of punishment.

Holy cherish the house heirloom - front letters.The memory of the deceased father encouraged his sons.Valentin was awarded the Certificate of Merit of the Komsomol, the name Zudin recorded in the Book of Honor of the Central Committee of Komsomol.