Next step: the harmony and self-confidence

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

Mother and child have found a strong connection and feel its unity, what's next?Sophisticated effect given by the wearing of a child, can be summed up in one word - harmony.This is a wonderful term reflects all that are carrying a baby, and the establishment of contact.There are many dictionary definitions of "harmony", but the most simple, which I like the most - "get along well".Here are other definitions of "correct and pleasant

order of things", "coordination of feelings or actions."

In the first month of the mother and child interaction is for the most part in the acquired empirically reaction.The child gives a signal, and the mother is learning how best to respond to it.After the couple repeated this interaction response signal hundreds of times, that was first acquired by practical reaction, it turns into a visceral reaction.Mother gives thoughtful response naturally and intuitively, and all their relationships come into harmony.

How close contact established through the wearing of the child,

helps mothers to recognize and feel the needs of their child, it is best illustrated by an example of how the mother in another culture countries do without diapers.Mothers who always carry their children, understand them as accurately and sensitively, that the mother knows when her child is going to get rid of the contents of the bladder or intestines, pulls the child out of the bag, keeping it away from him, and the child does its thing, andthen back into the bag.

In addition to carrying a baby creates harmony, it also gives the mother and the child self-confidence.Since the mother is able to understand the signals your child, she learns how to effectively respond to and meet the needs of their child;she feels a sense of satisfaction and

somewhat surprising because it is so intensified observation.Mother and baby are so close that the mother does not transmit any signal.System response signal, although at first requires gaining experience becomes intuitive with time.Mother feels great confidence.The child also raises self-confidence, because its signals are perceived correctly.He learns to give signals better, because it signals the mother always produce the correct response.This mutual understanding, sensitivity and confidence arise due to the constant wearing of a child.