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August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

In the history of the Russian revolutionary movement is known for amazing man whose life ended too early.Virgil Leonovich Schanzer.The underground nickname - Marat: so I call him Lenin.Political views Shantser separated wife, Natalia Fedorovna.In the family, brought up three children.Jr., Eugene, did not remember her father - who died when the boy was not even 6 years.But invisible Virgil Leonovich still present in the family.My mother often said, "Dad's book," "Dad's favorite jam» ...

little brother, told about a father older children, who were with him in exile in the Siberian taiga.Eugene formed the image of the indomitable Bolshevik-Leninist, kind, honest, fair, under his great influence was formed in nature.And in 12 years, Jack got an unexpected gift from his mother - Natalia Fedorovna rewrote the letter to him Herzen eldest son: "Dear Sasha, five days you will be twelve years.Congratulations, my friend, you get everything;More and more human.It's time to you to carry on with me ... I was in the

favor of the Russian word and deed ... »

When the revolution was accomplished, Eugene Schanzer with the same as he, the boys ran errands revolutionary workers ...

impressions of childhood, relationshipchild to the heroic feat of the glory of the motherland are the foundation, the foundation on which is formed his civil position.One can not help recall the remarkable words of Charles Montesquieu: "The best way to instill in children a love of country is this love fathers had."

from older to younger, from parents to children transferred ideals, traditions and worldview.Kid still can not speak, and we show him everything that surrounds us - a green meadow, birch trees outside the window, bright building.He is glad that he sees.When old enough, we will explain to him that all of this - a small piece of our great motherland."Put mothers in children a love for the Motherland" - with an appeal after the poet wants to appeal to women.

Sometimes the mother does not know how to handle itself with his son, if the father is in a long trip, in a long voyage - sometimes months, even years.And his writing?Mandate?Something to hide, husbands from time to time have to listen from their wives in the presence of a son or daughter reproaches for what they literally burn at work.Thus, children are involuntarily acquire the features of indifference, selfishness, they do not develop a sense of duty.On the contrary, unobtrusively emphasizing the best character traits of men, women wake up the boys a natural desire to learn these qualities.Here

recording officer's wife, who had served in Afghanistan.Galina Dudin thinking about the same thing, what we're talking about whether the father can bring up a child in the distance.

«The day was overcast, and the dawn barely made his way into the room.The children were still asleep, and I looked out the window at the trees slightly visible already leafless, naked.And suddenly I heard: someone unlocks the door with a key.I shuddered - it is only the key for me.Rushed into the hall: it!Arrived.For a few days.It fell at a leather jacket, or laugh, or cry.The boys woke up, hung on his father: Antoshka on the one hand, Vitaly - to another.And I sat down, I can not get up.As if his legs were paralyzed.From joy, probably, too it happens.

few days turned into a fabulous dream.November holidays were approaching, and her husband returned to Afghanistan.

Stacked sons sleep, sit down at the next letter.Before you list everything that happened during the day, mentally I imagine a distant airport, sort out the past.

remember everything, everything.I remember when he was born the youngest, Anton, her husband, too, was not at home - flew to the Far East.Our public workers brought me flowers.I lived in the town recently and immediately felt how friendly the people are here.And now, when the husband is there, where it is often in danger, I feel it at every step.

Before Vitaly went to the first grade, my father wrote to his son:

«Congratulations to the student title.Learn well, do not be lazy, obey your mother and help her go for a walk with Anton, you're the man instead of the Pope ... »

seems Acne firmly remembered parting words of his father, because, after returning from school, suddenly echoed his words:

- Well, how do you cope then?

and intonation is the same concern.I felt ridiculous and sad.And just to Eugene, I said to his son: - good job ... »