Wearing child overcomes obstacles to the establishment of contact

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

If she wears her child, it not only enhances the contact due to stimulation of maternal hormones, not only helps to understand each other and creates self-confidence, but also allows the mother to overcome the many obstacles to the establishment of contact.

Postpartum Depression. One of the main obstacles is postpartum depression.It happens much less often in mothers who carry their children than among the other mothers.This is probably due to several factors, including the stimulation of maternal hormones and the fact that in the bag baby cries less.Frequent hormonal stimulation, as discussed above, provides the mother a consistently high level of maternal hormones, but not constant fluctuations in hormone levels that occur during the care of the child at a distance.From a biological point of view, these maternal hormones that have been proven to have a calming effect on the mother, which can prevent depression.women often interviewed me told that after the use of methods of formation of attachment, s

uch as the constant wearing of a child, they feel more relaxed, as if learned to take advantage of, which gives them a natural sedative - maternal hormones.If a mother has a child in a bag, it prevents depression also because in the bag baby cries less, why the mother feels more confident, feel less stress, and hence less depression.

mothers to note: your usefulness as a mother is not measured by a well-behaved child. Some babies cry a lot, regardless of how coddled them, so do not think you're a bad mother, if your baby cries a lot.This is due to the nature of your child, not your mother's care.(For more on how crying is associated with the temperament of the child, see. In Article 16, "Care

anxious or suffering from colic baby.") But the mother, who is his child, will appear the necessary knowledge and there is self-confidenceUnlike the majority of young mothers who initially felt helpless.