Today is a holiday in children

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

How many times during the year we celebrate the important dates, memorable for our country and our people?Two?Five?Seven?

However, no matter the amount.The main thing is, what should be left to the triumph in the hearts of children.It is no accident the holidays is considered one of the most effective means of educating the children, the formation of their high patriotic, civic sense.Thoughtful, well-organized family scale - of course, in accordance with the possibilities - a holiday, as a rule, affects the most subtle feelings of our children through the emotional sphere brings to them their historical coloring significance.That's why children tend to be so eagerly waiting for the celebration, preparing for it, and then for a long time is hotly debated among themselves his every touch.

... Victory Day.One bright day of May, forty-five, when the guns fell silent, from us now really far, as sung in the song, a favorite of all.Far be it with respect to time and pains to close - a people's memory of the S

oviet people, who did not spare himself in the fight with the enemy, bringing this joyful hour ...

fresh spring morning in the family of Muscovites Maslovs reigned revival.We waited grandparents to go all together to the Park of Culture and Rest Gorky to meet with former grandfather's fellow soldiers.

And yet - for the umpteenth time - Sergei and Marinka deducted once the family room wall newspaper "Call" in honor of Victory Day.In the cupboard under the sheet of Plexiglas were more than thirty of these amateur newspapers dedicated and large, nation-wide holidays and family celebrations.Each room is prepared collectively, drawings, humor, with a warning for the future, with the good wishes of family members and friends who happen to be also devoted special issues.

This time it was in the newspaper mainly about grandparents.Grandpa - a war veteran, a decorated.Grandma in the years of selfless work in the rear of the medal was awarded.Their photos are placed in the most prominent place.Under them - two columns of the poetic text, which is a week polished Marinka and dad.

Barely guests appeared at the door, they immediately handed a commemorative album of the hero cities.The children, in turn, received colorful books with the works on the military theme.

in the family so instituted: holidays gifts required.They are different.But here are particularly fond of books.They love everything - children, parents and grandparents.The book is then a very long time to remind them of that event, which was celebrated in the family.

Grandpa leafing through the album, gently Serezhkina shaggy hair.

- you do a service to me today, guys.It do a service.Really, I had long dreamed of such a book, but all something prevented its purchase.Thank you!- After a short pause, as if to himself says: - It is no accident the people say that a large seen from a distance.During the war, there were city-heroes, as they won in this album.A hero among men, and did not find it.Here, guys, what were the 1418 fiery days.

phrase told not loud.Nevertheless, every word of it is deposited in the minds of children.Perhaps unwittingly, a veteran of the war in that moment involuntarily affected, perhaps, one of the most gracious, the most highly moral the family pedagogy ...

Later in the park Maslovs met with military friends grandfather who lives scattered in the postwar years ondifferent corners of the country.Memories, jokes, laughter, songs.The real lesson of memory has become a moment of silence for the children.For Sergey Marinka often audible word "victory forged our grandparents' have turned out very abstract statements in mind, filled with new specific content.Grandfather, these are not out there, beyond the threshold of visibility.Here they are very close, with medals on his breast, with scars on hands and faces - a bitter war for Tsikh Marked for ever ...

* * *

There are many families where established a good tradition: the Victory Day in the presence ofchildren to share with friends and family is not just generalities "about affairs of bygone days", and in detail to reproduce, for example, the most memorable episode for yourself the struggle against the fascists, read or guerrilla front-line poems, sing songs of the war years.One of the authors had a chance once to go on such a holiday home, and he was impressed with what lively interest children, including doshkolyata, reacted to stories of adults caught literally every sentence.But most of all struck by the way guys, and adults too, saw the yellowed newspaper clippings wartime, preserved some one and brought here of appreciation to the Supreme Commander, the front-line triangles, hastily written, and sometimes in between battles, the usual pencil.

Soldiers' letters, photographs fire years, medals and orders that are taken out today from the boxes except for major holidays.All of this - our wealth, heirlooms.Not every family, unfortunately, used their enormous educational power.But they have to speak in a loud voice everywhere.For the sake of present and future!