August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting


I want to tell you how we at home preparing for the important dates of the country.

We tell children about the labor commitments and successes that occur feast our colleagues.Take the kids to a holiday in the column of demonstrators, explains what they say banners, show distinguished people.Of course, we are asking the children, what their achievements went to the class of the holiday, as well as their personal success.

Before the holidays with a load running family holiday mail.Greeting cards do not buy and do with your hands: make out figures, appliqués, make up poems, humorous songs.We send to family and friends self-made souvenirs.

On the day of the festival at home a whole program: general construction, delivery of gifts, reading comic order.

House we have a special area (folder and box) family heirlooms, which we cherish.Here are collected the orders, medals, awards, award badges of all family members: grandparents, fathers, mothers, children.The solemn days o

f using these materials for a family or a wall newspaper of the exhibition "We- proud of you!".

We also have another folder.It kept clippings from newspapers and magazines: materials about Lenin, about the history of his native city, the heroes of our country.We fill it with the whole family.This material helps children to pioneer training camp, when you make a stand and newspapers at the school.Children are aware of the participation of Siberians in the Great Patriotic war, veterans, relatives who died at the front.May 9 all together go to the monuments and monuments to soldiers-Siberians.To this day advance we collect twigs, put into the water to dissolve.We lay them at the foot of the monument.At the monument to stand up, shut up ...

Kogan, Novosibirsk


Council summed up the school museum.There were among the exhibits and military awards.How did they get to the museum?Maybe priceless relics officially transferred by the veteran or his family?No.The museum had a lot of military decorations, whose owners were not called.By the numbers, of course, you can restore the names of the characters, but talking about something else: where they are in the museum?

One boy I asked: "Whose medal did you bring?" - "I do not know, lying at home ..." And we are.We went to the boy's home.

From a conversation with his parents found out that the medal "For Courage" belongs to his grandfather, who lives in the village.How was fighting reward with his grandson, no one really knew."The awarded even your grandfather?" - I ask the boy."He has a lot of medals.Once the order is. "- "And you write grandpa?" - "Sometimes ..." - "You tell anyone about him, about his exploits, the rewards?" Silence.

What is now in the family to make up the loss of respect and pride in fighting youth grandfather, for his contribution to the defeat of fascism?The apartment is expensive furniture, carpets, crystal, sound recording equipment.In sixth-grader strange hobby: the entire wall above the bed glued bottle labels ... A space for the portrait of his grandfather, a participant of the war, was not found.Yes and no in the family album of his photographs.What a solid wall of alienation separating living in this house from their native person!

Memory ... She then lived in the fate of the people, the country, if included in the life of each of us.On chipped wall of the Brest Fortress, you can read the words of a nameless hero. "Hey, you, come, we die for you"Let us look well around you, look at what we have in the family archives bears traces of the past, memorable.And certainly this should be done with the participation of children.They need to know those who defended our present peaceful day.

Andreev, teacher Angarsk


Sergei learning in first grade together with my son.Recently, the boy fell into the ugly history - his father traded the Order "Badge of Honor" on the toy gun, slingshot, and chewing gum.In the end, a fifth grader Edward, who commit to the exchange, he gave the order, and Sergei returned to his father.I, however, do not give rest to the idea, as it could happen that the students, nothing daunted, share the award.And that's what I learned.

Nikolai Petrovich, Seryozhin father - a great welder.He is respected and valued in the factory.But this aspect of his father's life is unknown boy.Sergei did not even have any idea what my dad work for which he was awarded.Once Sergei opened the box, where the Order of lay, and then he heard a shout: "Do not touch!Put that down! "And if the father told his son how dear to him this award, surrounded by the respect in our country, working people, boy, probably in the head would not come to put order in the exchange.

than once I've come to the meetings of veterans of war and work with students.I saw the respect, interest met their children.The school invited famous people, but among them there is no reason the parents of pupils, although they, too, deserve every respect.In pioneering fees guys usually operate a textbook example.Only parental labor feat, oddly enough, do not tell.But the example of the life of a loved one far more impressive.All parents appreciate, what they believe, what is given to power, they must pass the sons and daughters.

A. Vakhnin, Syktyvkar, Komi ASSR